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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 11: Possible new cast member, premiere countdown

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 11: Possible new cast member, premiere countdown
Photo by Simon Russell/Getty Images

Cast changes are inevitable in a TV series and when that series has the longevity of “Grey’s Anatomy,” those changes are to be expected. Season 10 saw the departure of actress Sandra Oh who played fan favorite Cristina Yang as well as the departures of Tessa Ferrer and Gaius Charles who played Drs. Murphy and Ross respectively. While the show has an ample cast, the departures make way for some new characters to step in according to Ecumenical News on June 18.

Robert McHalffey, a 29-year-old actor recently told the Los Angeles Times that he’d auditioned for a part in season 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The struggling actor says it’s been tough getting his foot in the door but takes pride in the little accomplishments. “Regardless if I get the part, I was in the room. They know who I am. It’s the little victories,” he said.

As fans saw during the season 10 finale, another new character will be emerging in season 11 in the form of Dr. Maggie Pierce, the love child of Dr. Ellis Grey and Dr. Richard Webber, a child Webber never knew existed. Pierce is played by Kelly McCreary and it’s a safe bet she will be sticking around for a while.

Rumors that Dr. Alex Karev might be leaving the series were also recently debunked. International Business Times reported that Justin Chambers who plays the affable Alex Karev told reporters at après conference during Festival of Monte Carlo that his own situation is very different from Sandra Oh’s. He is quite content to stay with the show until they kick him out. Also returning for season 11 are Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd and Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey.

ABC has confirmed that “Grey’s Anatomy will be returning for a season 11. The premiere is set for September but no date has been released by the network. Judging by past premiere dates, the most likely date would seem to be September 26. The show will follow the season 10 format of two parts, the first airing from mid-September until mid-December and the second airing in late February and running until mid-May.