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'Grey's Anatomy' season 10 finale spoilers: Cristina is moving on

Sandra Oh
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for DGA

"Grey's Anatomy" season 10 is coming to an end next week and viewers are sad to see Cristina Yang leaving the show. On Thursday, Wet Paint shared a few spoilers about what you can expect to see as Sandra Oh exits the show. This will be season 10 episode 24 and it is called "Fear (of the Unknown.)

All of the doctors are working hard in this episode. It is a big casualty and the episode will be focused on this happening. Cristina Yang will be working hard, but she will also be saying good bye on this episode. They are not sharing what happens, but it will be some kind of terrorist act. It doesn't look like they have plans to kill her off since she is taking over at Preston Burke's hospital but you never know.

Shonda Rhimes has done a great job on keeping what happens a secret. Meredith Grey will have to make a big decision. Does she want to move to Washington, D. C. so that Derek can follow his dreams? Another doctor will receive shocking news in this episode as well. It is very possible April and Jackson will share the news about their pregnancy. Only a few people have heard the news so far.

This week Leah found out that she would be leaving. TV Line already shared that she will be gone, but so will Shane. He hasn't been told he isn't coming back and rumors around Seattle Grace were that just one intern wouldn't be asked to return. It is very possible that something could end up happening to him on the season finale. He will be leaving somehow before the episode is over. You can check out the preview at this link.

Don't miss "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 episode 24. This will air on May 15 on ABC. This show has already been renewed for another season and will be back.

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