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'Grey's Anatomy' season 10 episode 22 spoilers: Cristina makes a career choice

Sandra Oh
Photo by Frazer Harrison

"Grey's Anatomy" season 10 is coming to an end and that also means that Cristina Yang is about to leave the show. On Thursday, Hollywood Hills shared a few spoilers about this upcoming episode and what viewers can expect to see. This one is called "We Are Never Getting Back Together."

On this episode, it will be time for Cristina Yang to make a big decision about her career in the future. She is going to be finding out that she can't win a big Harper Avery Award as long as she is at this hospital. She even had the votes to win it but was denied due to where she works at and that is going to upset her. She will go to Meredith Grey for advice on this one.

Another big thing that will happen this week is that Derek will be working with his sister Amy. She just happens to be in town when a case comes in that is a surgery on conjoined twins. It is perfect timing that she is there to help him out on this one. It is always great to watch these two work together and they do a great job when you put them together.

The biggest thing to happen this week is Isaiah Washington is back as Burke. Fans have been waiting for him to show back up. It is very possible that he could end up offering Cristina a job she can't turn down. The Epoch Times shared about him coming back. There is also a big possible terrorist incident that will happen before the show ends this season.

Don't miss "Grey's Anatomy" season 10 episode 22 when it airs on May 1. There are only a few episodes left with Cristina Yang and viewers will want to see how it all ends. There are only 3 more episodes left this season.

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