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‘Grey's Anatomy’s’ Sarah Drew talks about April and Jackson’s big baby news

‘Grey's Anatomy’s’ Sarah Drew talks about April and Jackson’s big baby news
Photo by Tommaso Boddi

On Thursday’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” titled “Change of Heart”, newlyweds April Kepner and Jackson Avery were still arguing over their hypothetically future children’s religious upbringing. The fight which carried over from the previous episode carried over to this week and it looks like our favorite lovebirds are in trouble, especially when April broke the news that she is pregnant, according to TV Guide on April 24.

Will their little blessing be the catalyst to reunite this couple? How will the big chaotic tragedy in the finale that we keep hearing about impact April? Sarah Drew recently answered these and other questions.

Drew said she first learned about her character’s pregnancy at the table read of this week’s episode. She was surprised at quickly it came about and that the show would want more babies on show that already has several. She has enjoyed the way the season has played so far because it “really just fuels some bigger conflict between April and Jackson and forces them to evaluate, "What did we get ourselves into? Is this something that we really want?"

The couple separated over their differences on how to raise any kids they might have. Drew was asked if the pregnancy will bring them closer together or drive them farther apart. She said it might actually do a little of both. The honeymoon is definitely over and they will be forced to have some intense and stressful conversations. April and Jackson will have to deal with some very real life consequences of their very quick decision to elope. April hasn’t even had time to work out how she feels about having a child right now and she’s worried whether they will be able to find a way to reconcile their very different views.

Drew says April is certainly happy about the baby because it’s a blessing but it comes with a lot of tension regarding how they will deal with this new life. That has to be resolved before April and Jackson can really enjoy the whole parenting experience. The fact is they are each other’s person and they want to fight for on another. Drew says they can’t imagine living without one another but how do you build a future with someone who doesn’t share the fundamental belief system that shapes your identity?

Will the pregnancy affect April’s ability to work as the finale draws closer? Drew says the pregnancy itself will not be an issue.

“The pregnancy itself is not something that is affecting her work, for sure. She is still sorting out how she feels about all of it. That certainly affects her relationship with Jackson. But in the finale, there's a possible terrorist attack that sends a ton of injured people to Grey Sloan Memorial. I just wrapped on [Wednesday] on the finale. April just totally steps up to the plate and is a total kicka-- trauma queen. The pregnancy is not affecting her work, but it is definitely affecting her emotionally in her relationship with Jackson. I think they would've liked to have had a much longer honeymoon period and they were just hit with real life and reality really, really fast.”

The finale not only focuses on a possible terrorist attack but is also the last episode for Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). Yang has not always been a fan of April’s. How did their relationship play out in the finale?

Drew replied, “You know, we actually didn't have any moments in the finale, which is sad. But I will say that we were all bawling at the table read for the finale not only because we're so emotional about Sandra leaving and about [executive producer] Tony Phelan leaving, but also just because it was beautifully written. The sendoff for Cristina is everything the fans would ever hope for. It's a beautiful farewell with both Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and with Owen (Kevin McKidd). It's just so exactly what it should be. I think fans are going to love it and they're going to cry a lot. We're all going to cry while we watch it, too. It's beautiful and it's really good.”

It sounds like the pregnancy is going to stir some real tension and drama in the next few episodes. Between that and the departure of Cristina, the finale should be …awesome.

Grey’s Anatomy” airs on Thursdays, on ABC. The next episode features the return of Preston Burke in “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” airing on May 1.

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