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‘Grey's Anatomy’s’ Sarah Drew on April's pregnancy: Causes ‘bigger conflict’

‘Grey's Anatomy’s’ Sarah Drew on April's pregnancy: Causes ‘bigger conflict’
‘Grey's Anatomy’s’ Sarah Drew on April's pregnancy: Causes ‘bigger conflict’
Photo by Tommaso Boddi

If you caught the last episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” then you know things just got real between April Kepner and Jackson Avery. The argument they’d been having over how to raise their hypothetical children took an unexpected turn when April dropped the bomb that she is actually pregnant. Wetpaint posted some spoilers from actress Sarah Drew, who plays April, on April 28.

Drew said in the interview that she was as shocked as anyone to learn her character was pregnant already. She found out during the table read for episode 10x22. The show already has two couples dealing with babies and she was surprised to learn that wanted to add another already.

The couple eloped in the midseason premiere and kept their marriage a secret for a while. They had been enjoying a private honeymoon life out of the prying eyes of everyone at the hospital until a workplace scandal forced them to ‘fess up. A short time later, Jackson’s obvious disdain for a patient’s belief system got April questioning how he felt about her own belief system. That’s when the trouble started.

Drew says the pregnancy really ratchets up the tension between the two of them for the final 3 episode of season 10. "It really just fuels some bigger conflict between April and Jackson and forces them to evaluate, 'What did we get ourselves into? Is this something that we really want?'" As much as we all wanted them to get together, these are the questions we were wondering, too.

She goes on to say that by the time episode 22, "We Are Never Getting Back Together," ends, “they're still fighting, and she's still not staying at home," Sarah says. "All of a sudden, s—t just got real. Their honeymoon bubble is over. Now they have to deal with the real-life enormity of the very quick decision that they made … She doesn't know how she feels about whether she wants a child now or whether they'll ever be able to reconcile their differences in how they want to raise their kids."

Drew did state that there is no way April’s faith would allow her to consider an abortion. Ultimately, she sees her pregnancy as something good and positive.

"There's something about the fact they have now created this new life that is absolutely beautiful and amazing … They have to figure some stuff out before they can really allow themselves to enjoy it."

Just how they enjoy it – as a couple or as separate individuals – remains to be seen. With Shonda Rhimes at the helm, fans have learned that happily-ever-afters are not always in the cards.

Grey’s Anatomy” will return Thursday, May 1 at 8 p.m. on ABC with "We Are Never Getting Back Together," and the return of Dr. Preston Burke.

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