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‘Grey's Anatomy’s’ Isaiah Washington teases Burke's 'Cold-Blooded' return 10x22

‘Grey's Anatomy’s’ Isaiah Washington teases Burke's 'Cold-Blooded' return 10x22
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Fans learned that Isaiah Washington would be reprising his role as Preston Burke on “Grey’s Anatomy” as the end of season 10 and the departure of Cristina Yang played by Sandra Oh drew near. Now that there are only 4 episodes left in season 10, that time is here. Washington will be seen in episode 22, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and the actor teased that Burke’s return will be “cold-blooded” according to an April 23 post on Wetpaint.

Some fans have not been excited about Burke’s return. The man did leave Cristina at the altar at the end of season 3. It took her a long time to get over that pain and heartbreak. So what could show creator Shonda Rhimes have in mind? Washington promises it will “blow your mind.”

Rhimes has said that Burke’s presence will help bring Cristina’s story arc full-circle and give her the proper send off. We’ll have to trust her. Rhimes hasn’t disappointed us yet…not really.

As for Washington, he recently attended Wondercon to promote his new show, “The 100.” While there, he told Buddy TV, “You are not ready. You can’t figure it out. You can’t figure out Shonda. I don’t know what she eats.”

He later added, “It is cold-blooded.” While Washington didn’t elaborate, it’s not likely Cristina will be happy to see Burke. Given the title of the episode, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” we’re pretty sure we are right about that.

So far, there has been little leaked about the pivotal episode in terms of plot line. We still don’t know if Burke’s return is for personal or professional reasons. In either case, it’s a safe bet that Cristina, Meredith and most of the other original characters won’t be too thrilled to see Burke.

Of working with Oh again, Washington said she is likely one of the “most extraordinary talents I’ve ever worked with.” Fan or not, we agree with him on that point.

Grey’s Anatomy” will air episode 21, “Change of Heart,” Thursday, April 23. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” will air Thursday, May 1 on ABC.

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