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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap 10x23: Owen pleads, Callie cries, Karev steals and more

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap 10x23: Owen pleads, Callie cries, Karev steals and more
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

The May 8 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ saw Cristina preparing to leave Grey Sloane Memorial by interviewing candidates for the head of the cardio unit; Alex poaching patients, April and Callie dealing with baby issues; Bailey facing the repercussions from her actions and Derek getting a job offer too good to be true.

On Thursday Hollywood Life recapped the show and focused on that moment when Owen begged Cristina not to leave him behind. It was the kind of heart-wrenching scene we’ve come to expect from “Grey’s Anatomy” and "Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right" delivered.

Derek is out of town on business and Meredith is enjoying Amelia-made waffles as they Skype. She learns he won’t be back in time to do a surgery they had scheduled and she will get to do it with Amelia.

Brayden is well enough to go home which means Bailey will finally have to reveal that she used the stem cell treatment the boy’s parents had rejected. She has to tell the board first and finds Cristina. Cristina is shocked at first but after learning the treatment worked, gives Bailey a high five. Cristina doesn’t seem too concerned about a lawsuit or anything else so Bailey and Stephanie go to find the parents.

They don’t take the news well. Bailey gets an earful from Owen, who contacts the hospital’s legal team. They determine Stephanie was involved by virtue of the fact she knew about it at some point and didn’t report it.

April and Jackson leave the ultrasound room, now obviously joyous about their bundle of joy. They are struggling to keep it a secret until the end of the third trimester – two more weeks. They run into Callie going into the OB, presumably to get her fertility and in vitro procedures started. Awkward.

Alex turns up at the hospital with theft on his mind. First, he steals Shane’s tablet and next it’s a former patient. He also coerces Shane into helping him and assisting with the surgery against his will by guilting him over his freak out and causing the death of Alex’s dad.

Owen cuts into one of Cristina’s interviews to discuss what exactly she said to Bailey about the stem cell patient. He knows she is leaving and seems rather unmoved surprisingly.

Jackson, as a member of the board, steps in to talk with Brayden’s parents. During the course of their conversation, they ask if he is a parent and after considering the question, admits he and his wife are expecting. Stephanie is there to hear the bittersweet news.

The interns, all still worried about whose head is on the chopping block, decide to go out in their efforts to impress. Jo is really sucking up to both Callie and April as they work on a shared case. Callie is not excited about the new “sissy girl” approach Jo is taking.

Leah and Richard have a patient who is a cancer survivor but the treatment left her with major bowel problems. She has trouble containing her bowel movements and is constantly expelling gas, yes, farting.

Arizona discovers what Karev had done and calls him out on it. He acts like it’s nothing. When Shane walks in, ready to go into the OR, Arizona is really upset because the residents are working behind her back and helping Alex. She sends Shane away and assists Alex instead. She reminds Alex that she is the one who trained him and she taught him to handle himself better than this.

Earlier Owen told Cristina that none of the candidates would ever be her and now that she’s interviewing them, she can’t find one she likes. Meredith thinks Owen arranged candidates Cristina would hate so she wouldn’t leave and would take the job herself.

The second set of test results confirm that Brayden is indeed recovered. They are not any happier about the situation and now, in addition to a law suit, they are talking about pressing assault and battery charges against Bailey.

During their shared surgery, Amelia tells Meredith she never wants to leave Grey Sloane. The teary-eyed phone calls to her fiancé back home are because she doesn’t want to go back there in spite of loving him. Meredith likes the idea of her sticking around.

Leah learns of a magnetic implant used to treat reflux and thinks it could work for her cancer patient with the bowel issues. She suggests it to Webber who thinks it’s brilliant. The patient is delighted but not as much as her boyfriend who has reached the end of his rope in dealing with it all.

April refuses to put on a protective apron so Callie can take x-rays of their patient. Jo finally snaps at her. April is forced to say to Callie that she ‘can’t be in the room when the x-rays are taken’ which is code for ‘I’m pregnant, you moron.’ Callie gets it and April finishes what she needs to and leaves. Jo is baffled and just hoping she doesn’t get fired.

Brayden gets to leave his bubble room and Bailey gets to watch from down the hall. It is a touching moment, thanks to Bailey’s daring. Owen tries to take up for Bailey and convince the parents not to proceed with any legal actions. Stephanie comes forwards and says it was she who made the error. She forgot to tell Bailey that the parents had withdrawn their consent and that Bailey had been covering for her.

Brayden’s dad is still buying it and wants revenge but the boy’s mom reminds him the child is alive and they can finally go home. She gets him to drop it with Stephanie receiving a week’s suspension.

Callie and April run into each other later and Callie asks about the pregnancy. April shows her the sonogram picture and Callie bursts in to tears. Because of the injuries she received in her car accident, Callie is no longer able to carry a baby. She is devastated.

Alex seeks out Arizona to explain his patient poaching tactics. He’s in a jam at the practice he joined. He isn’t bringing in a lot of new patients and that makes him a nobody. He doesn’t want to lose the job. Arizona reminds him that all he had to do was ask her for help. She is still mad at him but seems to understand.

After the surgery, Webber sits Leah down for a talk. It seems he doesn’t feel she’s a good fit as a surgeon and he’s letting her go from the program. Leah is the one being fired. He thinks she’ll be a great doctor and can hook her up with a friend who owes him a favor so she can work in a research facility.

In the locker room, the rest of the residents are all still worried that it will be them who get fired. Leah doesn’t say anything but reassures them they will be fine. She promises to meet them at the bar. After they’ve all gone, she cleans out her locker alone. Sad.

Callie tells Arizona the news and Arizona offers to have the baby. Knowing that Arizona didn’t want to have it in the first place and that the couple is just now getting back to a good place, Callie decides they are too fragile to go ahead. If it didn’t work out, it could tear them apart. They decide to be content with their lives as they are.

Owen comes to see Cristina and learns she didn’t like any of the candidates. One look and Cristina knows Owen is going to offer her the job and ask her to stay. She asks him not to. He says he’s been thinking about it all week but knows no good would come of it. Then, the tears fill his eyes and he asks her, begs her not to leave him in the cold. He takes her in his arms and they kiss as our hearts broke.

Derek gets home with a bottle of champagne. Meredith tells him Amelia is going to stay and that will settle all their babysitting problems. He has news too. He’s been offered the best job ever but it’s in Washington D.C,. reporting directly to the president. There’s a job waiting for Meredith too. Cristina and Alex are taking the next step and he feels it is time for them to take theirs too. The look on Meredith’s face says ‘no way in hell’ but she remains quiet.

Next week is the season 10 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy.” It also brings Cristian’s time on the show to an end. Are you ready to say goodbye?

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