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‘Grey's Anatomy’ recap: 10X13 ‘Take It Back’ April chooses, {Spoiler} loses

‘Grey's Anatomy’ recap: 10X13 ‘Take It Back’ April chooses, {Spoiler} loses
‘Grey's Anatomy’ recap: 10X13 ‘Take It Back’ April chooses, {Spoiler} loses
Alex keeps vigil over his dying father JImmy

Take It Back” aired on “Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday and finally answered the question of whether April chooses Jackson or Matthew. It also answered a few other questions and opened up a few more. TV Line helps us break it down and decipher what it all means on Feb. 27. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, stop here because there are plenty of episode 10X14 spoilers ahead.

April and Jackson or Matthew

When we left them, April had just stood up in the middle of April’s wedding to Matthew and declared his love for her. The question of who she would choose was answered in the very opening moments of the show as April and Jackson emerged holding hands from the barn and jumped into his car. They drove off, faces full of joy until the realization of what they had done struck April and she became panicked. After a brief roadside discussion of how they were going to make this right, the couple decided to get married in Reno!

Throughout the episode, everyone talks about how April and Jackson are avoiding each other at work and no one knows what happened after they left the barn. In the final scenes of the episode, because of some new policies at the hospital, Jackson returns home and fixes dinner with April. He tells her they are going to have to reveal their secret because of the policy and they embrace. That’s when you see the ring on her finger and realize they’ve already eloped! Finally!

Stephanie and Matthew

In an effort to spare Stephanie even more humiliation, April and Jackson keep the marriage under wraps. Stephanie avoids Jackson like the plague and Leah is angry with him, while others think his gesture was sweet and romantic. After Stephanie finally talks to Jackson – about a patient – she breaks down and confides to Leah how much she’s hurting.

Leah goes off on a rant about how the attendings' take advantage of the residents. Arizona slept with her, Jackson slept with Stephanie and Cristina slept with Shane. ‘They are supposed to our teachers,’ she tells Stephanie. She encourages her to take action. At the end of the episode, we learn that a resident has filed a grievance against the hospital and cited an attending for harassment among other things. Jackson squirms in the board meeting and a strict non-fraternization policy is instituted. Looks like Stephanie took action.

Matthew is nowhere to be seen in the episode. As a paramedic, he is not a staple at the hospital so it’s understandable. Actress Sarah Drew who plays April said in an interview with TV Line that Matthew probably doesn’t ever want to see April or talk to her again.

Bailey and Ben

After the wedding, Bailey and Ben continue the argument they started before the wedding. Bailey tells Ben she thought this marriage would be different because he wanted to be a surgeon too. He understood what being a surgeon was all about and wouldn’t be sitting at home waiting or her like her first husband. He tells her he didn’t want to leave his residency program, that he was a rock star in it but being with her was more important. When we flash forward 3 weeks, Ben is now a resident at Grey Sloane Memorial, taking the spot left open when Heather died. He and Bailey are now playing house and living happily ever after.

Alex’s Dad

Alex and Jo arrive at the hospital still in their wedding guest clothes and learn what Shane did. Alex wants Shane fired and argues with Owen about it. Three weeks later, Jimmy is still hanging on. Alex has lured his wife to Seattle by saying Jimmy is already dead. She is angry when she learns he isn’t. She takes back the guitar Jimmy stole from her and leaves without ever speaking to him.

Shane shows up and tries to apologize. Alex tells him to go away but the resident doesn’t listen. Alex lunges at him, knocks him to the ground and begins punching him. Cristina and Meredith pull them apart.

Alex spends his time sitting by Jimmy and talking to him until the bitter end. Jimmy is waiting form his wife and other son to arrive and Alex keeps telling him ‘they’re on their way.” Finally, Alex tells Jimmy that his family knows Jimmy loves them and it’s okay to go. Jimmy quits fighting and dies as Alex watches. It is a bittersweet moment.

Alex and Jo

Alex introduces Jo as his fiancé and she is stunned. She tries to figure out where he could have gotten the idea they were engaged and realizes it was his little speech just before April’s non-wedding. She confronts him at a vending machine and the exchange doesn’t go well. He does think they are engaged. She tells him she isn’t ready for that and that she believes he is just acting out of grief. He storms off ad she punches the vending machine. When Jimmy, dies, however, she is there for him, standing behind the chair where Alex sits. She rests her hand on his shoulder and her places his hand over hers. They are still together, for now.

Derek and Meredith

Derek has indeed accepted the job offer from the president and Meredith is mad. She understands he couldn’t really say no but she is still upset. Derek has to be vetted by the White House before he can start working on the brain mapping project. During the process, they question him about Michael. He is reluctant to bring the person into the discussion but since he has been sending money to the person’s mother every month, he has some explaining to do.

The explanation comes when he tells Meredith about him. He was a high school classmate that Derek accidentally injured during a hockey match. The boy suffered an inoperable brain bleed and has been in long term care ever since. Derek sends the money to help cover the cost of his care. Michael is the reason Derek became a brain surgeon.

Callie and Arizona

The show opens with them loading the unopened wedding gifts into their car. Arizona is upset and tells Callie their relationship isn’t working. Callie wants to go home and talk it out but Arizona says it doesn’t feel like her home anymore. In the flash forward segment, the couple is in the process of buying a house. At the closing, Callie has misgivings and wonders if Arizona will still want to be with her when the newness of the house wears off. Arizona explains the home represents hope. She isn’t reminded by everything she sees there of the trials they have faced which their current apartment represents. They sign the papers and it looks like they may finally be able to move on together.

What an episode! Did you see any of that coming? Now we’ll have to wait for next week’s episode, “Throwing It All Away” to see where things go. Episode 10X15 of “Grey’s Anatomy” will air Thursday, March 6 on ABC.

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