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‘Grey's Anatomy’ Isaiah Washington, Sandra Oh promo, ‘Cardio Gods' Twitter pic

Last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy’ seems to have paved the way for the oh-too-soon departure of Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) from the series. Following the airing pf “Change of Heart,” we got to see the promo for episode 10x22. Yes, that’s the one with the return of Isaiah Washington as Burke. According to Wetpaint on April 24, Washington tweeted a picture of him and Oh from their final day of working together.

Cristina learns Burke isn't going to marry her from season 3
Cristina learns Burke isn't going to marry her from season 3
Photo by YouTube (Screen Capture)
‘Grey's Anatomy’ Isaiah Washington, Sandra Oh promo, ‘Cardio Gods Twitter pic
Photo courtesy Isaiah Washington via Twitter

The episode titled “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” will air Thursday, May 1. From the scenes shown in the promo, it looks like it’s going to be intense.

The voice over in the promo reminds us, “He was the love of her and broke her heart in one the most emotional moments in television history.” It opens with scenes from the wedding that was never completed. Cristina enters the wedding ceremony area only to have Burke come down the aisle toward her and say, “I’m sorry.”

Back in their apartment, the realization hits her as she utters, “He’s gone.” Then she begins one of the most horrific emotional breakdowns ever witnessed. At the time, it was especially shocking because Cristina had always kept her emotions private and unseen. Watching her breakdown like that was shocking and devastating.

The voice over continues, reminding us that this “reunion is 7 years in the making.” Cristina appears to be giving a lecture in a darkened theater when out of the darkness Burke emerges and she spies him from the stage. Later, he tells her, “I want you, Cristina. “ She turns to look at him slowly, skeptically.

In another scene, they appear to be standing side by side on the balcony at the hospital. She tells him, “I don’t know” in a hesitating voice. He looks at her and replies, “All you have to do is say yes.” Her facial expression is one of bewilderment.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is known for promos that mislead and misdirect. While the intro is all about the broken romance, it is unlikely that Burke’s return is predicated on his personal feelings for Cristina. It is also unlikely that she still harbors romantic feelings for him, not given her deep and lasting involvement with Owen.

The clips used suggest another reason although it is unclear what it is. Our bet is that it is a more professional reason that brings Burke back looking for Cristina. Take a look at the promo and the pictures gleaned from it and see what you think.

The picture with this article is the on Washington shared on his Twitter account. The two look pretty chummy together. Washington captioned it “Cardio Gods” We’re looking forward to the episode. How about you?

Grey’s Anatomy” airs “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with Isaiah Washington on Thursday, May 1 on ABC.

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