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‘Grey's Anatomy’: How does Cristina Yang leave show? Shonda Rhimes drops hints

Sandra Oh
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” will be shedding tears when Dr. Cristina Yang leaves Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on the final episode of season 10. The actress Sandra Oh, has offered up her best performances over the years and the fan love her character as well. There have been a number of rumors on how this character will leave, including that she is killed. According to WetPaint on Thursday, the viewers should take a breather as the creator Shonda Rhimes has revealed it will be a beautiful send off.

In the past many of the “Grey’s Anatomy” cast members left the show in a violent end, but it appears that Sandra Oh’s character isn’t going that way. Instead there is an epic sendoff that allows the character to say goodbye to the fans and offer up a happy resolution for where she is off to next.

Shonda Rhimes keeps her show secrets tight to the vest. With few details on how Dr. Cristina Yang leaves, there has been wild speculation. Knowing she won’t be killed off means that maybe Dr. Yang could stop by in the future or the role could be reprised if Sandra Oh changes her mind and wants to come back.

While on the show Dr. Cristina Yang is getting ready to say goodbye, so is Sandra Oh. USA Today reported on Tuesday that the star was cleaning out her trailer at the movie lot. And there were the fond goodbyes as she shot scenes with colleagues for the final time. The decision to say farewell is also being played out in real life too and it has to be sad.

The season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” has many fans wondering who will fill Sandra Oh’s shoes in the next season. She is an accomplished actress who connected with the audience and the series will have to find someone equally as talented for the future.

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