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'Grey's Anatomy' finale clip: Cristina's last day begins with Owen

Cristina Yang is ready to make her exit on "Grey's Anatomy." By the end of the next episode, Yang's time on the ABC series will come to an end. On May 8, The Grey's Anatomy ABC Facebook shared the first sneak peek from the finale, "Grey's Anatomy" episode 10x24 titled "Fear (of the Unknown)." The clip features Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd.

Owen will need to say good-bye to Cristina Yang.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for DGA

What happens during this brief clip? It is the beginning of Cristina's last day in Seattle. She has been out drinking with Meredith for their big good-bye, and she is now with Owen at his trailer. He is still in bed, and she is rushing to go. She needs to leave for Zurich. She had been putting off her departure for as long as possible. Owen tries to pull her back to bed, but she doesn't want their big final moment at his trailer. She will see him again at the hospital before she leaves. She rushes out to end the clip.

Cristina Yang has been a huge part of this series since day one. Her departure will change the series completely. This week's episode did toss another twist out in the open. Meredith and Derek might be headed to Washington D.C., but fans will need to tune in to find out if that happens for real or not. Right now, ABC is standing behind this series. It has officially been renewed for season 11.

Shonda Rhimes did go to her Twitter earlier this week to reveal that the finale was complete and ready to air. She also revealed that Cristina Yang was actually based on the "Cristina" in her life. Shonda Rhimes planned an exit for this character that fits. She was always ambitious, and she has always wanted a Harper Avery. She is just putting herself in a better place to receive one. What do you think? Are you ready to say good-bye to Cristina?

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