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'Grey's Anatomy' episode 10X16: Forgotten birthdays, pre-nups and lawsuits

'Grey's Anatomy' episode 10X16: Forgotten birthdays, pre-nups and lawsuits
'Grey's Anatomy' episode 10X16: Forgotten birthdays, pre-nups and lawsuits
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Episode 10X16 of “Grey’s Anatomy” featured a lot of ruffled feathers. “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” aired on ABC on Thursday, March 20 and featured Dr. Richard Webber feeling forgotten on his birthday, April and Jackson dealing with Jackson’s mom’s insistence on a pre-nup and Callie and Derek facing off over proprietary research.

Webber’s birthday

Richard arrives at work happily expecting to be treated to a day of celebrations only to discover no one seems to care it’s his birthday. Owen even hands him a packet from HR about planning for retirement.

Later, Bailey discovers a very rare surgical case involving a man who absorbed his twin in utero. She ‘gives’ the case to Webber as a birthday present and he is excited until he inadvertently talks the man out of removing “his little brother.” In a stroke of genius, Webber changes the man’s mind by promising he will give the remains to the man to keep. When the patient sees it afterwards, though, he is horrified. Webber calls it his birthday present and takes it to his closet where he stores the things he’s taken out of patients over the years.

Catherine Avery, who is in town to torment her son, takes Richard out to dinner. When they arrive, he is surprised by a party thrown by his coworkers. The surprise party he had been hoping for and thought wasn’t going to happen turns out to be a great success. At the end, Owen offers him the head position of the residency program, putting him in charge of all residents from here on out.

Callie and Derek battle over sensors

Derek is called to a meeting with Callie, Owen and Callie’s lawyer. She is prepared to fight him over signing away the intellectual rights to the sensors they developed together. He threatens to fight in court using the power of POTUS and the federal government to support his claims. IN another confrontation, he reminds her he owns the patents and she’ll never win. Then he admits he feels badly about the situation and she says it’s because deep down he’s a good guy and he knows this 100% wrong.

Derek and Callie have a phone conference with the presidential board and Derek stands up for Callie’s rights. He insists they share the sensors so Callie’s research can continue as well otherwise he’ll leave the program. After a moment’s hesitation, the board relents and agrees to share the research. Callie gets to further her research, Derek gets to continue working for the Prez and the day ends well.

Jo and Alex

In order to resolve the non-fraternization policy issue they are dealing with, Meredith suggests that Jo sign a “love contract” which would make their relationship above board and not an issue to the hospital’s policy. She view’s the document as the kiss of death for their relationship and won’t sign even if it means she can never work in pediatrics again. Eventually, Alex gives her the talk, reminding her that nothing in life is guaranteed and that they could die at any moment. All he wants is to be able to kiss whenever he wants to and not get in trouble. She relents and signs because he has convinced her that doing so means good things for them, not bad ones.

Cristina and Owen

Cristina is obsessed with registering Owen with an online dating site so he can find his perfect match. She wants him to find someone who wants the same things he does so she can be happy knowing he is happy. As he describes his idea of the perfect mate, it is clear he is describing Cristina. In the end he says there is probably only one woman in the world that fits that description. Later he asks her to meet him that night and she agrees.

Jackson and April deal with his mom

Catherine shows up unexpectedly and the newlyweds know this means trouble. They sit in a conference room where Catherine spells out the need for April to sigh a post-nup to protect the Avery Foundation.

It has less to do with Jackson’s money than it has to do with how the couple plans to raise their children because of how it could affect the foundation. The kids will begin sitting in on board meetings when they turn 15 and will have seats on the board when they turn 18. Their religious and personal beliefs on things like abortion and stem cell research will influence how they vote on foundation and hospital matters.

April insists on signing the post-nup. She is not worried but later as she and Jackson begin to address some of these issues, it becomes clear they’ve just opened a Pandora’s Box. They disagree about religious upbringing and whether the kids should be raised around livestock or sent to boarding school. Uh oh!

“We Gotta Get Out of This Place” ended happily for most of the characters, an unusual set of circumstances for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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