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‘Grey's Anatomy’ episode 10X13 synopsis for ‘Take It Back’, spoilers

‘Grey's Anatomy’ episode 10X13 synopsis for ‘Take It Back’, spoilers
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“Grey’s Anatomy” will return in a few weeks from winter hiatus with the midseason premiere called “Take It Back.” That title could mean any number of things but now we have the synopsis thanks to a Feb. 8 post on Spoiler TV to help decipher it. There may be spoilers ahead so read on at your own risk.

Here’s the synopsis from ABC

“The doctors are faced with the consequences of the events at April's wedding; Alex reacts to the news about his father; Callie and Arizona make a decision about their relationship.”

The consequences of April’s wedding

Well, now there’s a mouthful. Obviously April has quite a decision to make. Does she tell Matthew to take back his proposal or Jackson to take back his declaration of love? Does Jackson wish he could take it back? After all, his track record with April isn’t the greatest and his current girlfriend Stefanie is sitting right there, mouth hanging open.

Alex reacts to news about his father

This could go either way. We know from other spoilers that Jimmy survives the botched surgery by Shane but not for long. Shane did the ill-advised surgery because all the other doctors were attending the wedding and Jimmy would have died without it. Shane’s guilt over Heather’s death was also a factor in his decision to act. Now Alex is going to ultimately lose his father, an event that has to cause emotional turmoil.

Callie and Arizona make a decision about their relationship

The ice was beginning to melt between these 2 when last we saw them though Arizona was feeling some pressure from Callie who seemed to want to treat her differently now. Arizona is now confiding in April as a friend and we do know there is another woman somehow tied up this decision making thing. This one has us stumped and curious.

With less than 3 weeks until “Grey’s Anatomy” returns, are you getting excited? Which storyline are you most interested in seeing resolved? Tune in on Feb. 28 when “Take It Back” airs on ABC.

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