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‘Grey's Anatomy’ episode 10X13 huge spoiler: Fate of Alex Karev's dad revealed

‘Grey's Anatomy’ episode 10X13 huge spoiler: Fate of Alex Karev's dad revealed
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In a spoiler coup, Wetpaint revealed the fate of Alex Karev’s dad, Jimmy Evans, in a Jan. 22 report. The “Grey’s Anatomy”spoiler is contained here so stop now if you don’t want to know.

When season 10 broke for the winter hiatus, Jimmy was undergoing emergency surgery at the hands of two of the interns because all the doctors were attending April’s and Matthew’s wedding and there was no time to spare. By piecing together info from 2 sources, it looks like we know how that is going to turn out.

According to TV Guide, Jimmy is still living when episode 13, “Take It Back” begins. His estranged wife will arrive because she’s been "lured to Grey Sloan Memorial under false pretenses." Supposedly she will not be any happier to see Jimmy than Alex was.

Using a casting side, an encoded story synopsis that protects the real character’s names during casting auditions so the story isn’t leaked too early, more of the puzzle comes together.

That November casting side referred to a character named “Tara” who arrives at the hospital shocked to see “Sam,” a doctor who strongly resembles her estranged husband, “Craig.” “Tara” and “Sam” both hate “Craig.” “Tara” is shocked again when she learns “Sam” lied to her about “Craig” because he isn’t dead but on life support.

“Sam” goes on to defend his lie with the explanation that while “Craig” isn’t dead yet, he is in sepsis and organ failure and has maybe a few days to live.

So did Alex contact Jimmy’s most recent estranged wife and call her to Grey Sloane Memorial to make her peace with the man? Is this Alex’s softer side creeping out again? We will have to wait until February 27 when episode 13, “Take It Back” air on ABC.

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