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'Grey's Anatomy': Cristina's biggest achievement is before her exit

Cristina Yang will have her biggest dream come true on "Grey's Anatomy." She is being nominated for a Harper Avery Award, and this is something she has wanted since her career as a surgeon began. This award has been talked about and teased every season on the series. Now, Cristina is nominated. Her big moment has arrived. On April 9, The Grey's Anatomy Official Facebook shared a sneak peek for "Grey's Anatomy" episode 10x19 titled "I'm Winning." This clip features the entire cast, but there is a focus on Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd, and Jessica Capshaw.

The clip starts with Arizona and Owen walking with Cristina. They want to know all about her nomination, but Cristina is trying to not make a big deal out of it. To her, it is just any other day at work for the hospital. When Owen and Arizona figure out her thoughts on the nomination, they do try to steer her in another direction, but she is already entering the main room of the hospital. Everyone is there. A celebration is being thrown in her honor. She is obviously surprised by the party, but no one else knows that she really didn't want one.

The end of the clip does reveal something important to fans though. Cristina does ask the pair she is with who threw the party, and she is told it was Meredith's idea. Her friend is all smiles when the camera focuses in on her. Meredith and Cristina have hit a rough patch in their friendship this season, so this gesture by Meredith is definitely a welcome sight. It would be horrible for Cristina Yang to leave the series with her friendship with Meredith over. This pair has been each other's 'persons' since season one. Their friendship should stay in tact.

The end of Cristina Yang is coming soon though. Shonda Rhimes did reveal on her Twitter that Sandra Oh had her last table read as a member of the cast this week. The table read was for the finale episode. Fans should expect another big event to hit the hospital this season. Every season of this hit series has seen a huge disaster hit the hospital or the characters that work in it. This season will be no different. It just isn't clear what this season's big disaster will be. Fans do have a few more episodes to watch before the big season 10 finale.

What do you think? Are you ready to say good-bye to Cristina Yang on this ABC series? "Grey's Anatomy" will continue to air on ABC on Thursday nights.

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