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'Grey's Anatomy' celebrate cast departures with post-wrap carnival

The Grey's Anatomy celebrates end of season 10 with a huge carnival.
The Grey's Anatomy celebrates end of season 10 with a huge carnival.
Tony Phelan Twitter

Fans of "Grey's Anatomy" know that several members of the cast are departing the series at the end of this season, and now the cast have celebrated the departures with a huge party. The exit of Sandra Oh and others might be sad for fans, but the cast decided to celebrate instead of mourn. On April 22, Wetpaint Entertainment reported that the cast attended a huge carnival held by two members of the behind the scenes family. It was revealed that those members of the crew are also leaving the series for other projects.

Who held the carnival? Tony Phelan and Joan Rater held the carnival for those involved with the series. Tony and Joan have been both executive producers and co-showrunners for the series. The married couple will now work with CBS. It was revealed that Tony Phelan dunked Sandra Oh in the dunk tank, and she returned the favor as well. Jessica Capshaw went on her Twitter to thank the couple for the fun event. The event was held on Monday night. This makes it clear that production has completely wrapped for season 10 of the series.

Tony Phelan did direct the finale, and there are new teasers out for the episode as well. TV Guide shared the latest comments from Shonda Rhimes, and she teased more than Sandra Oh's departure. Meredith with make a huge life-changing decision as well. One cast member will also receive stunning news. Previously released spoilers did tease Callie receiving some shocking news. Someone will also be fired before the end of the season.

It is clear that this series is pulling out all the stops to send Sandra Oh and the rest of the departing members of the "Grey's" family in a big way. The series will go through a huge change because of these exits. How much of an impact will these departures have on the new season of "Grey's Anatomy" set for next fall? What do you think?