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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Annet Mahendru guests, episode titles hint at Mer-Der future

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Annet Mahendru guest stars, Shonda Rhimes on Mer-Der
Photo by Jason Merritt

“Grey’s Anatomy” has always done a good job of introducing new characters and storylines which is why we’re excited to see the addition of Annet Mahendru to the cast. Mahendru, star of “The Americans” is slated to join the show as a guest star according to a Sept. 2 report by TV Fanatic.

Though she is only going to appear in one episode, it is bound to be a good one. Mahendru was nominated for a Critics Choice Award this year for her performance on “The Americans.” Whatever she does on ‘Grey’s” will be awesome.

Though we don’t know which episode Annet will appear on, we do have the titles for episodes 1 and 2. In keeping with the practice of using song titles as episode titles, these two have us nervous. Episode 1 is titled "I Must Have Lost it on the Wind" and episode 2 is titled "Puzzle with a Missing Piece."

Movie Pilot suggests the lyrics from these two songs hint at a possible future for the relationship between Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd. When we left these two lovebirds in the Season 10 finale, Derek was all set to move him and the family to Washington D.C. for his new job. At the last minute, Meredith announced she wasn’t going.

The song titles usually lend meaning to the main plot of the episode. In the case of Elton John’s "I Must Have Lost it on the Wind", could be construed to mean that even though Meredith and Derek seemed perfect at first, which might not be the case now. Take a look:

“In cold water I went fishing in warm seas I cast a line

And swore the heart I was reeling in was perfect at the time

You couldn't tell me I was wrong, you couldn't tell me anything

And if you did then I guess I must have lost it on the wind”

The second song/episode title, Gotye’s "Puzzle with a Missing Piece," also seems to hint at something. Here are some of the interesting lyrics:

“I stretch and shift

These parts won't fit

I can chop and change all I like

Rearranging this won't make it right”

Both scenarios paint a bleak picture for someone. We may be jumping the gun to think it’s Meredith and Derek but they were in some trouble when we left them. Who do you think the lyrics are about and what do you think will happen?

Grey's Anatomy” Season 11 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 25 on ABC. Keep checking back for updates and spoilers.

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