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'Grey's Anatomy' 10x22 sneak peek: Preston Burke stuns Cristina Yang

Preston Burke and Cristina Yang will reunite this week on "Grey's Anatomy." Fans are now being given a look at their first meeting since their failed wedding. Yang showed up at their apartment to find he had left and taken all of his stuff with him. That was the last anyone saw of Burke. His only mention was an article that ended up at the hospital a few seasons back. On April 25, Spoiler TV shared the sneak peek that shows their reunion. Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington are the only cast members in a clip filled with extras.

Cristina Yang will face Preston Burke for the first time in years.
Photo by Frazer Harrison

What happens during this brief clip? Cristina is giving a speech about her research. A man from the audience has a question about her research, and he keeps questioning her. She immediately recognizes his voice by the way her face changes, but she isn't sure it is him until he comes out from the shadows. She can then see him clearly. The clip ends before anything else is shown.

As mentioned above in this article, Cristina and Preston do have quite the history. He was her mentor, and he was almost her husband. He helped Yang become the surgeon and woman she is on the show today. Sandra Oh has brought this character to life, and she is now finished doing that too. Sandra Oh went to her Twitter on Thursday to reveal that it was her final day of shooting for the series. Her time as 'cardio god' Cristina Yang is done.

What will happen to Yang? There have been teasers that Yang will head off to Europe to work there. That does make sense with the Harper Avery issue. As long as she works at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, she will not win the award she wants to win so badly. She even deserves to win with the research work she has done this season. Preston Burke will play a role in her exit, but fans will need to tune in to find out the extent of his role. "Grey's Anatomy" will continue to air on ABC on Thursday nights.

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