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'Grey's Anatomy' 10x22 sneak peek: Cristina Yang must make a choice

Fans of "Grey's Anatomy" learned why Cristina Yang did not win the Harper Avery award, and that loss is now setting up the exit of Sandra Oh from the series. On April 25, Spoilers Guide shared the first sneak peek for "Grey's Anatomy" episode 10x22 titled "We Are Never Getting Back Together." The clip features most of the main cast, including Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd and Ellen Pompeo.

Isaiah Washington returns to Grey's Anatomy next week.
Isaiah Washington Twitter

What happens during this brief clip? Webber has called a board meeting, and he doesn't want to wait for Avery. The meeting is to discuss the 'Harper Avery situation.' Those not aware of the hospital not being able to win the award ever because of their affiliation with the Avery family are told, and Webber wants to move to challenge the decision that took the award from Yang. Catherine told him she had the votes, but it was decided to give the award to someone else. Webber wants Yang to challenge the decision, but she isn't sure.

This episode will feature the return of Preston Burke to the series, and his appearance was teased in the short preview for the next episode. Isaiah Washington did go to his Twitter on Thursday to share a photo of himself with Sandra Oh on set. They are wearing the clothes shown in the preview for the next episode. He revealed that it was taken the day the pair finished filming this episode.

Burke will come back for Cristina on this episode, but it isn't clear if he is looking for her talents as a surgeon or something more. Fans will need to tune in to find out next week. Jason George did tease the exit of Sandra Oh in a new interview with The TV Addict, and he called her exit 'true to life.' That does make sense. If Cristina cannot win a Harper Avery working at this hospital, she will leave to go some place else. That makes complete sense for this character.

What do you think? Are you ready to see the next step in Yang's departure from this ABC series? Will she leave the hospital because of this 'Harper Avery situation' at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

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