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'Grey's Anatomy' 10x19 sneak peek: Alex is on a search

What will Alex do next on Grey's Anatomy?
What will Alex do next on Grey's Anatomy?
Photo by National TV Examiner: Video screen cap

Alex Karev is looking at some changes to his life on "Grey's Anatomy." He hasn't made them yet though, and he is still very focused on his patients at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. On April 4, Spoilers Guide shared a sneak peek for "Grey's Anatomy" episode 10x19 titled "I'm Winning." Justin Chambers is the focus of this clip.

On the last episode, a little boy with a low immune system was brought into the hospital. The doctors fought to treat him, and they were able to successfully keep him alive. However, he may need to spend the rest of his life in isolation.

The little boy is back for the next episode, and he will escape isolation for a game of tag with another child in the hospital. Alex is frantically searching for the little boy in this clip, and he will find him. When he does find him, he will quickly send out the alarm to all near the boy. He wants everyone to get away from him.

Alex is on the edge of making a change in his career. On the last episode, he was offered the opportunity to join a private practice in Seattle. Will he jump ship and go private like Addison Montgomery once did? Fans will need to keep tuning in to find out.

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