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'Grey's Anatomy' 10X14: Yang and Owen Back, Jo and Alex in trouble

'Grey's Anatomy' 10X14: Yang and Owen Back, Jo and Alex in trouble
'Grey's Anatomy' 10X14: Yang and Owen Back, Jo and Alex in trouble
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The doctor’s learned “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” when Own announced the no-fraternization policy at the top of the show on “Grey’s Anatomy” but there was more…so much more. If you haven’t watched the show that ABC aired on Thursday, March 6, then be advised this article contains episode 10X14 spoilers.

Owen makes it clear the new policy means that relationships between coworkers are “discouraged while those between supervisors and subordinates (attendings and residents) are strictly “prohibited.” That leaves several couples in murky waters. Weber ends up fielding questions from the residents, particularly Jo, whose relationship with Alex just became verboten.

Owen, Emma and Cristina

Owen and Emma are hitting it off well enough that they share pillow talk about moving in together. The next day Emma comes to see Owen to make sure they are on the same page. If they are going to get a house together, it will need to have enough bedrooms for the 2 or 3 kids she wants and oh, by the way, when she has them, she intends to be a stay-at-home mom until they are old enough to go to school. Owen’s dream come true, right?

Cristina gets wind of Owen’s plans and can think of nothing else. Even that evening as she and Meredith share a bottle of wine, Cristina laments that things are really over. When she leaves to go home, she makes a stop at Owen’s trailer in the woods first and presents him with a bottle of –glad-you’ve-moved-on-and-are-so-happy wine. Emma isn’t there so Owen invites her in and they have a heart to heart which leads to passionate I-still-love-you sex.

At the hospital the next day, Meredith takes one look at Cristina and knows she slept with Owen. Owen, on the other hand, has to break things off with Emma who is devastated. She never saw this coming.

Jo and Alex

Lots of drama in this relationship as Jo chases Alex through the hospital, demanding they talk about how they are going to handle their taboo relationship. An argument occurs and Alex dumps Jo in front of the entire staff of Grey-Sloane Memorial. Later, the two high five in the hall and congratulate themselves on throwing everyone else off. The break up =was staged!

They duck into a utility closet to discuss their situation since they can’t be seen chatting each other up in the hallways. Once inside, they discover that Jackson and April – in a half-dressed state, are also in the room. During the midst of the ‘Hey, what are you doing here’s,’ Richard walks in and sees them all.

Richard, ever dutiful, reports them to the board and they are all called in. Alex is the last to arrive and in typical Alex fashion, lets rip with what he’s really thinking. He looks around the room at Derek and Meredith, Callie and Arizona, Cristina and Owen, Jackson and April and Jo. He reminds them that he was around when several of them were dating as attendings and residents. He knows they all used the on call rooms for sex and that the new rule is bogus.

“I’m not gonna let a bunch of hypocrites tell me to keep my pants on at work when this place was built on all of you feeling each other up in our on-call room!” If you want to punish me, go ahead,” he yells and storms out of the meeting. Jackson and April finally come clean about being married and received a shocked round of congratulations. That leaves a nervous Jo sitting there to take the heat all by herself.

Meredith and Derek

Meredith admits to Cristina she is enjoying torturing Derek by withholding sex. She’ll let him off the hook soon but for now, it’s fun. Derek gets ready to leave for another interview but returns that evening. His interview was cancelled and he is disappointed, thinking he didn’t get the job. Later, he gets a call and learns he has not only been hired, they want him to run the Presidential Advisory Board. Meredith relents and has sex with him, warning t=him she’ll be mad at him afterwards.

Elsewhere, Callie gave Arizona a new ring inscribed with the date they moved into their new home. Jo informs Stephanie that Jackson and April are still together because she saw them in that utility closet and that her filing that grievance only punished Jo and not her intended victims. Stephanie again says it wasn’t her and Laurel finally admits it was she who filed the complaint.

“Grey’s Anatomy” will return with episode 10X15 “Throw It All Away” on Thursday, March 13.

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