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'Grey's Anatomy' 10x14 sneak peeks tease a big change and a meltdown

"Grey's Anatomy" is back on ABC, and there is more drama ahead. On March 1, Spoilers Guide shared two sneak peeks for "Grey's Anatomy" episode 10x14 titled "You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away." The sneak peeks show the drama to come at the hospital clearly.

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The first sneak peek starts with April and Jackson sharing a moment as they head to a meeting. April wants to make sure Jackson takes off his wedding ring. They are not ready to share about their new status yet. When the meeting begins, Owen reveals the new policy at the hospital. Dating is discouraged, and dating between superiors and subordinates is forbidden.

This will cause a problem for one relationship. Alex is Jo's superior, and Jo is not happy about the announcement. The second sneak peek shows her approaching Alex to talk about the new policy, but he doesn't want to talk about it. This conversation turns into a huge argument, and everyone can hear it. Jo's meltdown is not missed by anyone.

As for April and Jackson, Sarah Drew did tease more about the new couple in an interview shared by Wetpaint Entertainment on Friday. The newly married couple will have some trouble. Drew teased the following:

They have to decide to reveal that they're married. And as they are moving forward in this totally fast marriage thing, they realize there are things about each other that they never knew. There are some pretty big issues that they never talked about. For instance, how are their potential children going to be raised? These are things that most [married couples] have already talked about. They're best friends, but they've never actually dated.

What do you think? How long before this new policy at the hospital falls apart? "Grey's Anatomy" will continue to air on Thursday nights.

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