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'Grey's Anatomy' 10x13 preview: Aftermath of April's wedding teased

Meredith will not be happy with Derek when Grey's Anatomy returns.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

"Grey's Anatomy" is getting ready for a huge return to ABC, and now fans are being given a look at the first episode back, "Grey's Anatomy" episode 10x13 titled "Take It Back." On Feb. 10, Screen Spy shared the first photos and new details released for the episode. These new photos focus heavily on the Alex Karev drama. Shane operated on his father on the mid-season finale, and things did not go well.

Alex's father will live, but he appears to be in bad shape in these photos. Alex's mother will also arrive on scene. Jo tries to look optimistic, but Alex is clearly upset. The photos also show Callie and Arizona having a conversation. They will make a huge decision about their relationship on the next episode.

Ben and Bailey will also have more happen as well, according to Wetpaint Entertainment. Bailey will figure out she was wrong about the reason for Ben's return to Seattle. The couple has been dealing with a number of issues since Ben left Los Angeles to return to Seattle.

The spoilers also revealed that Meredith will be upset with Derek, and it is clear this means he made the decision to work on the brain mapping initiative. Drama is definitely coming to the hospital.

What do you think? Are you ready to see what will happen next on this medical drama? "Grey's Anatomy" will return to ABC on Feb. 27.

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