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Grey Goose Vodka celebrates a royal flavor in classy style

At the event
At the event
Lesley Reider

Recently, Grey Goose and UrbanDaddy hosted a vibrant party at The Bowery Hotel Terrace. The event honored the newest flavor by Grey Goose, Le Melon. The cavaillon melon, for which the new Grey Goose flavor is inspired by, was said to have a taste so highly desired, that a world-renowned artist gave up his life’s work for a bite, and kings are said to have traded their royal treasures for a taste. DJ Rich Medina spun the beats at the event and DJ Khaled, the party’s host, gladly posed for photos with guests and enjoyed Grey Goose Le Melon Cocktails. Cocktails at the event included the Melon Royal, the Fizz, the Melon Mule, and the Liberté. Some of the cocktails even had a melon ball at the bottom of the glass. Guests also enjoyed small bites such as polenta squares, melon with prosciutto, and chicken skewers. The party featured a fun photo booth where guests could capture an animated photo of themselves. There was also a carving table where artist James Parker made fun creations with melons such as faces and flowers.

The venue felt like a tropical oasis with melon-inspired decorations and lots of plushy couches to lounge on. It was interesting to see melon-like sculptures throughout the venue. Guests enjoyed roaming through the different rooms of the venue, especially the outdoor garden, to really capture the essence of an adventure. They certainly enjoyed the great assortment of cocktails and honoring the royal and coveted cavaillon melon. What a memorable and festive celebration!