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Gretchen Carlson twerking: 'Fox & Friends' host twerks with Robert Davi (Video)

Gretchen Carlson attempted twerking moves on Thursday's episode of "Fox & Friends" after actor and singer Robert Davi offered to "twerk" with her, according to The Huffington Post on August 29.

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson attends Fox & Friends Christmas Special at FOX Studios on December 6, 2012 in New York City.
Getty Images by Slaven Vlasic

Robert Davi appeared on the Fox News morning show "Fox & Friends" on Thursday to promote his upcoming cover album of Frank Sinatra songs. After talking about military intervention in Syria, co-host Gretchen Carlson asked Davi to sing.

Davi declined her request, saying that it was too early; however, he did invite Carlson to twerk with him. The former Miss America Pageant winner accepted his offer to "twerk" with her, but the resulting dance moves were not exactly twerking moves.

Davi explained to 47-year-old Carlson that to twerk, she had to stand with her legs out and hands on her hips. Carlson, wearing a tight hot pink dress, assumed position and moved her head to the beat, but refused to thrust or shake her hips.

Viewers of "Fox & Friends" are now wondering if either of the two know exactly what twerking is. Said Carlson to her laughing co-hosts after the awkward demonstration, "Let's just see you do it! I'm not doing it." Celebrity gossip site TMZ reported that Carlson "just murdered the twerk on live television".

Carlson announced in July that she will be leaving "Fox & Friends" in the fall of 2013 to anchor a one-hour daytime program on Fox News, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck will take her place as co-host of "Fox & Friends". After seven years of co-hosting "Fox & Friends", Davi insisted that Carlson "go out with a nice twerk".

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