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Greta Gerwig

as Naomi in ARTHUR
as Naomi in ARTHUR
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From mumblecore to Hollywood in record time, American actress Greta Gerwig is a girl-next-door we can all believe in.

Greta Celeste Gerwig was born on August 4th, 1983 in Sacramento, California. She is the daughter of Gordon Gerwig, a computer programmer and financial consultant, and Christine Gerwig, a nurse. After graduating high school, Greta moved to New York to attend Manhattan’s Barnard College. There she studied English and philosophy, and intended to become a playwright. While writing plays, Greta cofounded an improvisational group called The Tea Party Ensemble.

Yet after being cast in a small role in director Joe Swanberg’s indie film LOL (2006), Greta’s career path was forever changed. The role was enough to impress the director and other filmmakers from the “mumblecore” scene – a movement involving ultra-low budget films, using improvised scripts and nonprofessional actors, telling stories about the relationships of twentysomethings. After LOL, Greta went on to appear in many independent productions, including Hannah Takes the Stairs, Baghead, Yeast, and Nights and Weekends which she also co-directed.

In 2009, Greta made the leap to more commercial fare when she appeared in the horror film House of the Devil. The following year, she starred opposite Ben Stiller in the Noah Baumbach-directed Greenberg – a role which earned her an Indie Spirit Award nomination.

In 2011, she was cast opposite Russell Brand in a remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore classic Arthur. Greta played the Liza Minelli role (the character’s name was changed from Linda to Naomi), a blue collar girl who eventually wins the heart of the childlike billionaire. Though reviews were mixed (I thought it was great), most critics agreed that Greta stole the show … not easy when Russell Brand is mugging over your shoulder.

Whatever Greta chooses to do next – be it acting, writing, or directing – she is sure to win more fans and followers by simply staying true to herself.

Greta Gerwig Quotes:

Regarding ‘mumblecore’: "I've always liked art that has come out of some sense of a movement. I always relish in these ideas of, you know, Gertrude Stein buying Picassos and introducing these people to other people. I like the idea of being part of a movement – even if it's a badly named movement."

“I see the world as a good place, which is strange because I think a lot of times people make art out of complaint, they have bones to pick, and I don’t have that. But maybe that is because I have grown up in America with a tremendous amount of privilege, so of course I think the world is a good place.”

Regarding her love affair with New York: “It sounds silly to say out loud, but [Woody Allen’s] films have so much to do with how I have defined the narrative of my own life. Annie Hall is like what I thought love was when I was young.”

“If no one had ever seen Hannah Takes the Stairs, in some ways, it wouldn’t have totally mattered. It would have been a bit of a bummer, but it didn’t cost that much to make, so our only obligation was to our weird movie that we wanted to make.”

“I’m not strategizing about my next move. My lease is up, and they’re raising my rent. I don’t even know where I’m going to live next month. So thinking along the lines of, like, ‘I need to get my superhero franchise locked down’ seems a little premature.”


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