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Greninja added to the Smash Bros. 4 roster

The sole newcomer announced in the Super Smash Bros. Direct yesterday was none other than Greninja, the final evolution of the water starter in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Greninja and Charizard are the newest additions to the roster
Smash Bros. Direct

Few people had Greninja on their radar as a potential addition to the roster, so its appearance came as quite a shock. Another surprising move came with the announcement that Charizard will be a solo character, after being a member of the Pokemon Trainer team in Smash Bros. Brawl.

Greninja is shown using his signature move, Water Shuriken, to start off his intro. The move appears to work as a long distance projectile, with Greninja charging up the shuriken and launching them at opponents. The longer it's charged up the, the bigger it becomes.

Another interesting move shown was its ability to use Substitute as a defensive mechanism. It throws out the famous Substitute Doll and avoids a potential attack. This move may also work as a counter, as Greninja is immediately shown jumping right into battle after using it.

Greninja appears to be fast and elusive from what we were able to see in the trailer. Not a lot of its moves seemed to be heavy hitters however, so it looks as if you'll have to hit early and often if you want to win with the water type Pokemon.

With Charizard and Greninja being shown it ups the total number of Pokemon in the game to four. Pikachu and Lucario have already been announced while Jigglypuff is incredibly likely to return. With Brawl having featured six Pokemon, it seems possible that their will be more Pokemon featured in the newest addition to the Smash series.

So with that said the final question remains: What Pokemon is next to be shown?

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