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Greiving the loss of a pet

Grieving the loss of a pet can be a difficult process and may not be understood by your circle of friends and family. It has been about two months since my cat, Cash passed away and I think I may be able to make it thru this article without bawling even though tears are already swelling up. If you are not surrounded by people who are true animal lovers your grief may not be understood and you may feel all alone.

I think the best way is to reflect on all the wonderful times you and your pet had together. Also you have to remember your pet is no longer in pain. The night I took Cash in to be euthanized I knew I was doing the right thing. I had been out grocery shopping and when I got home he was laying in the bathroom and he looked up at me with so much pain in his eyes as if asking me to put an end to the pain.

Some people heal better getting a new pet right away, but others may not be ready for another pet for quite some time. Express your feelings to the person closest to you and let him or her know how you are feeling so he or she can better understand your grief process. I’m not going to be ready for another pet for quite some time so I helped myself accept the loss of Cash and helped others at the same time. I donated his litter to the vet clinic I had put him down and the rest of his stuff like his cat condo to a friend of mine who had recently adopted a stray kitten.

Currently I am still grieving his death and I find the most helpful thing is to go and visit my friends that have pets and play and pet their cats or dogs. Just hugging my friends’ cats and dogs really helps me.


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