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Gregg Sulkin talks MTV's 'Faking It' & new films

Gregg Sulkin will star in the upcoming films AFFLUENZA and ANOTHER ME due out later this year.
Gregg Sulkin will star in the upcoming films AFFLUENZA and ANOTHER ME due out later this year.
Ryder Sloane

The young Hollywood stars on definitely shining on Gregg Sulkin! Just looking at this young actor's impressive resume just proves he is someone we're going to be hearing out for a long time! Best known for portraying Selena Gomez's boyfriend on the Emmy-Winning Disney Channel series "Wizards of Waverly Place and most recently seen recurring on the popular ABC Family teen dramas "Pretty Little Liars" and "Melissa & Joey", Sulkin can next be seen starring on the highly-anticipated MTV show "Faking It" premiering Tuesday. In addition to the series, the London, England native has several films set to be released this year, including "A Daughter's Nightmare" airing this month on Lifetime. In a recent interview, discussed these projects, his passions and the music icon he would love to be for a day!

Tell me about your character on "Faking it"? What can fans expect?

Gregg- I play Liam Booker, a very talented and creative artist. At first, he is fascinated by Karma's "lesbian factor", oblivious to the fact she's faking it, and then realizes that she has something very unique about her.....and so their friendship blossoms. He is a bit of a lone-wolf and has a few secrets no one is aware of. It's been fun playing a character that is so multi-layered.

What did you most enjoy about your role on "Faking It"?

Gregg- Working with the cast is a pleasure. They are very hard-working and lovely people. We love making the show and hopefully we can continue to do so!

Was there one storyline on the show that most stood out to you that you can give viewers a little sneak peek about?

Gregg- We have fantastic episodes in our first season. I can't give anything away, but each episode gets better and better.

I know you have a Lifetime film premiering soon called, "A Daughter's Nightmare"-what is your story arc in the movie?

Gregg- I play Ben Woods. He is a boy who recently lost his mother and is living with his step dad. To make matters worse, he is beginning to suffer physical problems. He knows he is sane, but the world is viewing him as crazy. He meets Ariel (Emily Osment) and she is his saving grace...however, there is a MASSIVE twist at the end of the movie, and completely shakes up Ben's life. It was a very big challenge to take on a role like that, and an amazing opportunity to do research into the physical condition my character has...which obviously I can't give away.

You were on ABC Family's very popular and successful show, "Pretty Little Liars", what did you most enjoy about your experience on that show?

Gregg- It shot 10 minutes away from my house, and the fans were epic. I loved my character and loved causing some conflict in rosewood.

I know you were born and raised in London, what was it that sparked your interest into acting and led you coming here to the U.S. to do it? Was there a specific film or actor that made you want to act in America?

Gregg- I owe it all to my mother. She encouraged me to go to an audition, where I ended up booking the lead role in a big universal/working title production in England when I was 13. Helena Bonham carter played my mother in it, and once I worked with such talent, I completely caught the bug and, I wanted to get out of school as much as possible.

You're a young actor, what would be your dream role to play some day?

Gregg- I want to choose my roles carefully and ones that will fulfill, you never know what roles will come my way. I'll just keep working hard and focusing on improving as an actor in the meantime.

What else are you passionate about? What do you think you would be doing if you weren't acting?

Gregg- I'm a very passionate soccer fan/player, so either I would be coaching soccer or be a detective. I love challenges and getting in the mindset of other people.....hence, I'm an actor!! Hahaha. Makes sense.

This is a question I like to ask everyone I interview: If you could go back in time and spend a day in the life of anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Gregg- Elvis Presley. He's a legend. He had the ability to inspire others with his talent.

Anything else you would like to share with your fans?

Gregg- Yes! I have a movie coming out called "Affluenza" on July 11th, in theaters and available worldwide, which I think they will love! I also have a FOX movie called "Another Me" that is coming out later in the year, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Sophie Turner. And my show "Faking It" airs April 22nd on MTV! Some may think it's controversial and I think if anyone has any pre-conceived idea of the show, all I would say is don't judge a book by its cover and just give it a chance. Oh and I really do thank my fans for always being in my corner.

Keep up with Gregg Sulkin on Twitter: @GreggSulkin

"Faking It" premiers on MTV Tuesday, April 22 at 10:30/9:30 c.


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