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Gregg Moss back at Channel 9, sort of

Gregg Moss back on the job at 9News
Gregg Moss back on the job at 9News

This week Westword reported that Gregg Moss, Channel 9's long time and very popular business reporter, was back in the saddle at NBC after leaving for a business stint in May 2009. Now he's going to be working at NBC in the mornings while moonlighting as the chief marketing officer of Alem International Management Inc. (or is he sunlighting at NBC?). 

Moss will be replacing his replacement, Jason Martinez (who has previously resigned from top station KTLA in Los Angeles), and who Westword reports had mysteriously disappeared from the 9News airwaves. Executives at Channel 9 would not comment to Westword about why.

The Martinez mystery is another strange story. Here's what Westword reported on this matter:

"...The day of Martinez's first Denver broadcast, Cornetta [9News GM] and other 9News employees received an e-mail accusing Martinez of being a "sick individual" with a "sex addiction." The e-mail, which was from an address that no longer exists, included lurid messages that Martinez had supposedly sent to KTLA colleagues..."

No one seems to know the truth regarding Martinez's departure, but there are some fishy things going on around here. Kids, don't believe everything you read though, some of it seems far-fetched if you ask me.

However you dice it, Coloradoans have back Gregg Moss, their beloved business beat reporter.  All's well that ends well. I think...