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Greg Hindy vow of silence: Modern-day Forrest Gump's incredible trek goes viral

The story of Greg Hindy's vow of silence and his plan to walk hundreds of miles across the U.S. has gained him national attention. Some are even referring to him as the modern-day Forrest Gump. It was revealed by NBC today that Hindy, a former Ivy league student, will go on a silent walking trip from New Hampshire to Los Angeles, Calif.

NBC writes that Hindy's unusual mission all started with a class project. The assignment was to capture a community in pictures, and he planned to photograph a local church. He stopped at a flea market to pick up some camera equipment – and never made it to the church.

Speaking with media sources regarding his son's vow of silence, Carl Hindy explained that Greg, a Yale University graduate, became so deeply engrossed in the market culture that he returned week after week. After completing his project, he displayed his photos at a library.

Carl Hindy, a psychologist, supports his son's mission and believes his work depicts the pride and passion of ordinary people.

“Most of us are identity adopters, but Greg is an identity former,” he said.

Greg Hindy's vow of silence while walking across the country is being funded by a Kick Starter project and a grant from the Chase Coggins Memorial Fund at Yale.

Greg Hindy, who once had dreams of going to medical school, has now started a new life as an artist. On his website dedicated to his journey, he wrote..."Beginning today, I am committing to a yearlong vow of silence and beginning a yearlong walk across the country. I am abstaining from just about all forms of entertainment other than the thoughts inside my head. I hope to better understand the endurance-performance works of artists who came before me. I hope to better understand myself and my relationship to my country."

He continued.."I am taking photographs all along the way. They will serve as a visual representation of my experience. They will shape the story I tell of the trip, but they will also shape the memory that I have of the trip. I have posted the first installment of the video portion of this project, in which I begin the vow of silence. On July 9, 2014, I will post the second video installment, in which I end the vow of silence."

This story of Greg Hindy's vow of silence while walking across the country shares similarities with 27-year-old Jamie McDonald's epic 5,000-mile coast-to-coast journey from Tredworth in Gloucestershire, which he completed in 275 days.

He was dubbed the 'British Forrest Gump' after running the equivalent of 200 marathons across Canada dressed as comic book superhero The Flash. More details on his story can be found in the video above this article.

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