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Greg Hindy vow of silence: Yale grad nears end of long journey

Greg Hindy's vow of silence began 10 months ago. The Yale graduate set out on foot with a camera ready to shoot and his mouth closed. Two months from now that journey will come to an end. When it does end, Hindy will have walked cross-country. NBC News reported on this inspiring journey on May 12.

When Greg Hindy started his time at Yale, he had a very different life in mind for himself. He planned to attend medical school, but that vision was changed when he took a photography class. One assignment sent him out into the community to take photos. He picked a location, but he never made it there. Instead, he immersed himself in the market culture he found in the town's Farmer's Market. He took many photos of the market, and then he shared him with the community in a showing at the New Haven Free Public Library.

After graduation, he had an idea in mind. He wanted to be an artist, and he wanted to develop that artistic side with a year long journey. That journey would take him from New Hampshire to Los Angeles. He set off on his journey on July 9. Each day, he travels about 25 miles. Not only is he completely silent during his trip, but he has also gone off the grid. No computer and no cell phone. No technology of any kind. All he has is a debit card, and his father uses that to keep track of his son's progress.

Hindy's journey has had problems pop up during his journey. He collapsed from dehydration in Utah. His father knows this because someone sent a message to Carl Hindy to let him know about the incident on Facebook. Greg also lost one of his notebooks during the year, and someone contacted his father on Facebook to return it.

It is the kindness of people across the country that is helping Hindy along on his journey. One family even invited him to sit down with them for Easter dinner. His meals usually consist of items bought at convenience stores along the way. Carl Hindy said the following about his son's journey and the generosity he has found along the way: "Everybody has gotten involved in different way. It's sort of the wishes and dreams of America, I think, projected onto him."

When Greg began his journey in July, he posted a video on his website explaining his journey. In the video, he said: "I hope to better understand the endurance-performance works of artists who came before me. I hope to better understand myself and my relationship to my country."

Entertainment for Greg over the last 10 months has been the thoughts in his head and the things he sees along the way. At the end of his journey, he will post a second video sharing his thoughts about his journey and what he has learned. Once his journey is complete, he plans to return to Yale to attend graduate school. This young man's life may have started with him walking down one path, but he has clearly chosen a new one for himself. Instead of waiting for life to change, he changed it.

What do you think of this young man's journey? Check out the video above to learn more about this young man's trek across the country. Share your thoughts about Greg Hindy below.

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