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Greg Hill successfully completes his 100K meter March Madness mission

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Greg Hill can rest easy and kick up his legs now that he has successfully clocked in 100,000 meters of vertical ascent as he posted late on Monday, March 31, 2014, “Month of madness complete. A 100K meters or 328,000-foot human powdered power session…” This officially makes Hill the first ski-mountaineer in history to travel this distance in one calendar month.

It was definitely one heck of a human powered power session during the month of March for Hill. He spent each day ski-touring up to 4,000 meters a day. A typical day for a person doing ski alpine is around 1,500 meters a day. On Greg’s last day he spent over 11 hours powering through the mountains of his hometown of Revelstoke in order to complete his goal.

The fact that Greg did all of this in the backcountry, breaking trail in deep snow and climbing remote summits while skiing epic lines, makes it all the more extraordinary. You can only imagine all the calories he burned during his madness in March.

After some much needed R&R, it’ll be interesting to hear if Greg Hill has another expedition brewing in his mind for the future. If there is another venture coming up for Greg Hill, it’s sure to be another epic journey. Congratulations to Greg on another incredible adventure accomplished!

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