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Greg Hill attempting to climb and ski 100k meters for the month of March

Premier backcountry skier and mountaineer Greg Hill is at it again. On March 1, 2014, Greg Hill began an attempt to climb and ski 100,000 meters (328,000+ vertical feet) for his 100k March Madness Challenge. He summited Mount McKenzie, over 4,000 meters climbed and skied, along with his wife and two kids to kick off the challenge. Hill intends to finish this challenge in the 31 days of March.

Greg Hill training and skiing around mountains of Revelstoke
Greg Hill training and skiing around mountains of Revelstoke
© Berger
Greg Hill attempts to climb and ski 100k meters for his March Madness Challenge
© Berger

In order for Hill to accomplish this goal, he has to log an average of 10,583 vertical feet (3,000+ vertical meters) every day. If he accomplishes this, he will be the first ski-mountaineer in history to travel this distance in one calendar month. “It will be a month of exploring and pounding vertical in difficult areas – nothing will be repeated,” Hill said. “And I won’t be wearing Lycra! This is about fat ski shredding North American style.”

During the 100k March Madness, Hill plans to ski-mountaineer 30 summits and complete a multi-day traverse. He’ll travel through the backcountry of British Columbia, Canada near Revelstoke where there are 75 mountains that are more than 3,000 meters and some have never been skied.

This kind of challenge is definitely not a new one for Hill. Back in 2010, Hill ski-mountaineered two-million vertical feet (2,000,716 to be exact) in one year. This feat gained him world-wide recognition, and I had the great opportunity of attending a gathering for Greg Hill to personally hear about his 2 Mil campaign experience and to celebrate his incredible accomplishment.

“Ski-mountaineering is a place where you can explore your own limit,” Hill says. “There’s a mental aspect and a physical side. It’s peaceful up there too.” Good luck and best wishes to Greg Hill in his adventure to conquer his 100k March Madness Challenge.

You can follow Greg Hill’s progress through his social media channels and nightly blog entries. Fans can also send him messages of support on Movescount, which is Suunto’s (global leader in sports precision instruments and sponsor of Greg Hill) online sports community. Hill’s tracks and vital stats will also be uploaded on Movescount.

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