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Greg Gutfeld: 'Death' the only language 'evil' ISIS understands

ISIS militants in propaganda video.
ISIS militants in propaganda video.
AFP/Getty Images

On Friday, Fox News' Greg Gutfeld said that while humanitarian aid in the form of food and water is good, the best aid America can provide to those under assault by ISIS is bombs, since death is apparently the only language the evil organization understands.

“There’s a misguided belief that humanitarian aid comes in the form of food and water," he said. "Send them some MRE’s and they’ll be fine."

"But you can’t eat a meal when your head is on a stake," he added. "In a world in which death is the only language evil understands, bombs beat bread.”

He went on to say that wherever the United States retreats, monsters rush in to fill the void. In this case, the monsters happen to be the Islamic State -- the radical Islamic fundamentalist group that is building a caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

As we reported Friday, the group is systematically beheading Christian children in Mosul as part of its genocide against everything non-Islamic. Militants have also captured and raped women while hanging their husbands. It's clear that no one can negotiate with a group that so gleefully publicizes brutal murder?

"Pacifists will shout about all the terrorists your bombs create," Gutfeld said. "But their pacifism is directly proportional to their distance from death."

U.S. military jets have launched two very limited strikes in Iraq in response. For Gutfeld, military action is really the only negotiating tool worth considering.

"Our response can only come from above in the shape of a 500-pound RSVP" when confronted by groups like ISIS, he added. "For America is truly the bomb.”

The monologue went over well with a number of people on Twitter, Twitchy said. For many who responded, Gutfeld's monologue hit the nail on the head.

"You nailed it," one person exclaimed. "We must be strong and lead."

"Bombs?" one person asked. "Although I don't think they respond to those either. But who cares. It still kills them."

One person, however, disagreed that 500-pound bombs are the answer. Instead, the Twitter user suggested napalm and clusterbombs.

"They claim they want to create an Islamic state," one person said. "They have. It's called crazy."

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