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Greg Gutfeld analyzed Justin Bieber: 'Enough about Obama'

President Barack Obama greets well-wishers
President Barack Obama greets well-wishers
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Following the much publicized arrest of Justin Bieber, on Thursday, Greg Gutfeld asked Kimberly Guilfoyle a co-host of "The Five" on Fox News Channel,"Who's having a worst year, Justin Bieber or President Obama?" The question followed Gutfeld's monologue in which he tied Obama to a Justin Bieber story. Laughter, raised eyebrows and mild mockery from his fellow panelists was the result though Gutfeld preened, saying he "was proud" of the way he managed the combination.

"It's a tie," laughed Kimberly, adding, "At this table, Obama's having a worse year than Justin Bieber because we actually like Justin Bieber's hair. We can keep that and deport him to Canada. That's the decision."

Earlier, Gutfeld had analyzed Bieber's problems making the Obama comparison. That monologue began, "So after smoking pot all day, drinking beer and popping pills, mop top moron Justin Bieber went drag racing, landing himself in jail this morning."

Gutfeld continued:

Biebs is a function of free time and money with a temporary entourage who sees him as a walking ATM . The real culprit: the mindset ... that suspends critical thinking, replacing it with mindless euphoria driven by hormones and a desire for acceptance. But enough about Obama. True, his poll numbers have a Bieber-esque quality, adored by people who pay more attention to dimples than direction. It's a direction we can predict, for like Bieber, Obama has no friendly speed bumps, no trusted critical eye to stop his decline with helpful advice. They're too scared to hurt their pin-up's feelings; which is why there's really nothing to see here because we've all seen it before.

Gutman may have been speaking of Obama's poll numbers having a Bieber-esque quality against a backdrop of a recently released poll signaling American's trust in President Obama is on a downhill slide, as is his overall popularity.

Issues most impacting Obama's polling results appear to be top voter priorities such as Obamacare, jobs and the economy. According to the new Quinnipac national poll Obama may have a slim chance to change the minds of Americans. Currently, many feel misled over the way Obama sold Obamacare with what has turned out to be an empty promise, "If you like your insurance ( and your doctor) you can keep your insurance. Period."

Highly publicized episodes of Bieber misbehavior include a recent accusation of egging a neighbor's home. Adults, including the panel of "The Five" are concerned that Justin's behavior indicates a pattern of self-destruction and that he needs rehabilitative help to get back on track and perhaps even save his life.

The president and Obama each have their own strong supporters; it's arguable that no one would like to see either fail.

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