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Greg Abbott tours facility for immigrant children detained at Texas border

Greg facilities for children who crossed border unaccompanied.
Greg facilities for children who crossed border unaccompanied.
Huffington Post

Greg Abbott has not allowed the demands of the campaign trail interfere with his performance as Texas Attorney General as he traveled to San Antonio yesterday, Monday, June 23 to tour a temporary emergency shelter housing hundreds of immigrants who illegally crossed into the Lone Star State, according to a report from the Texas Attorney General's Office yesterday. Abbott, a native of Wichita Falls, Texas, will become the first governor born in the City that Faith Built if he wins the gubernatorial election in November.

Abbott made the following statement, saying, "We are dealing with a heartbreaking humanitarian nightmare here in Texas, but it is clearly a man-made crisis. The Obama Administration's inconsistent policies and failure to enforce the rule of law have created this crisis at the border. President Obama's failure to secure the border has empowered transnational gangs like MS13. Inaction by the federal government has left Texas with no other choice but to activate the immediate eployment of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Even though the federal government is not fulfilling its responsibility, the State of Texas will continue its operations while pushing for the feds to foot the bill. We will continue to push for the federal government to live up to its responsibility and fully fund the surge and resources deployed along the the Texas border."

Abbott's tour was conducted a week and a half after he requested Homeland Security Secretary Jeb Johnson to authoritze immediate federal funding to help the Texas Department of Public Safety stop the "cartel-driven border security problem." Abbott sent a letter to Johnson in which he requested $30 million in federal aid to fight the problems created by the hordes of illegal immigrants flooding across the Rio Grande River which divides Texas from Mexico.

Last week the Texas Attorney General applauded the decision by Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Strauss to authorize more state resources for Department of Public Safety border operations.

The Texas Republican leadership authorized the Texas Department of Public Safety to allocate an additional $3.1 million a week to fund the State's response to the growing crisis at the border. The immigration issue has only been exacerbated by record numbers of unaccompanied children crossing the border into Texas in the past year. More than 40,000 children have been crossing the border in the past year which has left the Border Patrol underfunded to deal with the human tragedies unfolding on a regular basis.

Children have been placed in facilities in San Antonio as well as Fort Sill Army Base in Lawton, Oklahoma as they await hearings.

Several observers have reported the mass influx of unaccompanied children from Central America through Mexico and into Texas has been an orchestrated effort.

One CPS official said the influx of unaccompanied children from south of the border has resulted in the loss of some homes that would've been used by children in the care of that agency.

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