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Greg Abbott: Supports Kountze cheerleaders as campaigns in Beaumont

Reno Gustafson (left) with Greg Abbott.....Texas attorney general in Wichita Falls running for governor.
Reno Gustafson (left) with Greg Abbott.....Texas attorney general in Wichita Falls running for governor.
Bonnie Lane

Wichita Falls native and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced his support for the Kountze cheerleaders in that high profile court case as he campaigned for governor Friday in Beaumont, according to a Beaumont television station Channel 12 news report, today Saturday, March 1. The cheerleaders created run-through football banners with Bible verses on them and have been sued by the Kountze School District to stop that practice, according to Greg Abbott.

Abbott, who has supported the cheerleaders rights to use Bible verses all along, continues to build momentum as he heads toward the March 4 Republican primary. Early voting ended yesterday, Feb. 28, but Texans may still vote on March 4, the day the results will be announced.

Abbott is favored to defeat several primary opponents and head to the general election for governor in November. He will be the first Wichita Falls native to live in the governor's mansion in Austin if he is elected. James V. Allred was a resident of Wichita Falls when he was elected governor in the 1930s, although he was born in Bowie, Tex.

During a visit to The Cafe, a family-owned business in Beaumont, Abbott recognized Purple Heart recipient Garry Trinkle who was in the crowd which packed the restaurant. Abbott, a strong supporter of America's military, drew an enthusiastic round of applause when he mentioned Trinkle. For his part Trinkle said he likes Abbott and wants him to become the next governor of the Lone Star State.

The appearance was similar to a recent stop Abbott made at the Eighth Street Cafe in Wichita Falls where a standing room only crowd enthusiastically greeted his support for Second Amendment gun rights of individuals as well as religious liberties. In that speech he referenced the attempt of an out of state atheist group to force Texas to remove a momument with the Ten Commandments inscribed across it from the capitol ground in Austin. Abbott fought all the way to the Supreme Court to keep the momument in place.

In Beaumont yesterday, Trinkle said it brought tears to his eyes that the Republican governor's candidate would recognize him. He didn't expect Abbott to mention him. Trinkle is a resident of Orange County, Texas.

Beaumont in Jefferson County is the home of petrochemical plants and strategic ports. Abbott vowed to fight the federal government's attempts to crush jobs in these areas by opposing EPA restrictions.

A recent poll conducted by the University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll released Feb. 24 showed Abbott ahead by eleven points against expected Democratic nominee Wendy Davis. This poll gave him a 47-36% lead against Davis. An October poll showed him ahead only by six points.

Abbott also promised to help Texans find better access to water during yesterday's campaign appearance in Beaumont. Wichita Falls made the London newspapers with its announced attempt to use recycled sewage water for drinking water because of a severe drought. Abbott's concerns about the water situation are welcome especially in the Wichita Falls area.

While the pollsters are already running surveys concerning an expected Abbott-Davis showdown in November, voters still need to vote March 4 in the primary.

Davis vaulted to national fame by filibustering for 11 hours against a bill in the Texas legislature which limited abortions to the first 20 months. Abbott supported the bill and the limiting of abortions.

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