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Greg Abbott sent Warren Jeffs to prison, but FLDS polygamy cult still dangerous

Flora Jessop....escaped from FLDS camp and now helps others escape polygamous cult.
Flora Jessop....escaped from FLDS camp and now helps others escape polygamous cult.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was the architect of the prosecution which placed Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints leader Warren Jeffs behind bars for life plus 20 years, but the convicted rapist still has an emotional hold over hundreds of his followers from inside his prison cell, according to an article in RadarOnline news recently. Abbott, a native of Wichita Falls, Tx. and the top law enforcement official in Texas, is currently running for governor of the state.

Flora Jessop, a former member of the cult, is helping people who are still under the sway of Jeffs to escape from the strongholds which still exist from Arizona and Utah into Canada. While officials in Arizona dismissed their cases against Jeffs and the Utah Court of Appeals threw out the conviction against him in that state, Abbott drew a line in the sand and requested Governor Rick Perry to extradite Jeffs from Utah before he could exit his prison cell there.

The governor of Utah signed the extradition papers and Jeffs was handed over to Texas authorities so Abbott's office could prosecute him for sexually assaulting two underage girls who he claimed were his "celestial wives." While the office of the Texas attorney general did everything it could legally do to remove Jeffs from circulation, the FLDS kingpin evidently still emotionally controls many of his followers from his new address.

Flora Jessop is starring in a new television series which features her work in aiding those who still seek to escape the evils of the FLDS. "Escaping the Prophet" is on TLC and stars Jessop as she helps prisoners of the cult escape. She wrote the 2009 book "Church of Lies."

She is now 43 and helped her daughter Ruby escape recently.

In a preview of the new show, Jessop discussed the emotional bond that Jeffs, once on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List, still retains from behind his prison walls.

"Ruth, like everyone in the FLDS, has pictures of Warren Jeffs on her walls," Jessop said as a woman is shown crying as a group of people take down their "Prophet's" photographs and tear them to shreds.

Warren Jeffs had more than 50 "celestial brides" during his heyday as the leader of the cult which imprisoned underage girls and boys and required them to participate in sexual acts. Jessop explained that even with the leader locked up for life plus 20 years, Jeffs still "has absolute control.. They fear and obey everything he says."

Escaping the Prophet airs Tuesdays at 9 CST on TLC.

For his part Abbott and his office did everything they could do to rid the state of Texas of the dangerous power of the FLDS cult. Abbott supervised prosecutors who sent approximately 10 leaders including Jeffs to prison. The climax of Abbott's victory came recently when the State of Texas took over the Yearning For Zion stronghold near San Angelo, Tex., where many of the depraved acts against the children occurred.

Members of the Wichita Falls, Tex. law enforcement including CPS officers and DPS troopers participated in a raid on the YFZ stronghold which led to the successful prosecution of Jeffs and his fellow polygamists.

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