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Greg Abbott sends aid to Fort Hood

Greg Abbott.......Wichita Falls native returns to the city amid governor talk.
Greg Abbott.......Wichita Falls native returns to the city amid governor talk.
Bonnie Lane

Texas Attorney General and and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott recently sent members of his Crime Victim Services Division to Fort Hood to work with victims of Wednesday's tragic attack, according to the Office of the Texas Attorney General. Abbott is a native of Wichita Falls and held a campaign event at his boyhood home on Randal Drive in this city of 105,000 which is within a stone's throw of the Red River.

Three people were killed by a soldier on the base and investigators reported they believe his unstable mental health contributed to the rampage, according to an article in the Wichita Falls Times Record News today, Friday, April 4. This most recent shooting at Fort Hood not only claimed four lives, but also wounded 16 other people.

Abbott shared the following comment about the shooting:

"Our hearts break for the wounded military men and women and the families of those who died. Few answers can be found in the days immediately after such a tragedy, but we pledge to assist in any way we can. Members of our military and Texans in the Fort Hood-area have stared down adversity before, and they will do it again."

The Crime Victims' Compensation Program reimburses out-of-pocket expenses to victims of violent crimes and their families.

Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, top officer at the embattled base, said there is a "strong possibility" that Spc. Ivan Lopez had a "verbal altercation" with another soldier or soldiers immediately before Wednesday's shooting. This is the second mass shooting on the base which was originally established to allow space for tank maneuvers during World War II.

Located between Austin and Dallas near Killeen, Texas, the post was the scene of a 2009 mass shooting.

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