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Greg Abbott will become commander in chief as governor

Greg Abbott with his family after winning Republican Primary for Governor of Texas March 4
Greg Abbott with his family after winning Republican Primary for Governor of Texas March 4
Bonnie Lane

"I will move from being the general on the battlefield as Attorney General to the commander in chief as governor of Texas," Wichita Falls native Greg Abbott told Sam Malone during an interview on Radio Station 1070 AM of Houston on primary election day in the Lone Star State. This interview occurred only hours before Abbott rolled to a record-smashing victory with almost 92 % per cent of the vote which was more then either Rick Perry or George W. Bush managed to accrue in their last campaigns for governor.

When asked by Malone if he would be able to continue fighting the same battles against Washington D.C. as governor, he said that he would. He referred to monitoring the Texas Commission on the Environmental Protection Agency. He further said he would work to prevent the EPA from damaging Texans.

He further announced that in dealing with the HHH he would make sure Obamacare doesn't crush Texans.

Malone, who has interviewed Abbott before, then referred to his sense of humor and asked him if he would repeat a humorous idea the Attorney General had mentioned on a previous occasion regarding traffic congestion.

Abbott said, "Well as you know as a 26-year old I was jogging in Houston and a tree fell on me paralyzing me from the waist down. That put me in a wheelchair. So my idea for a commercial involving traffic gridlock was to film a traffic jam on I-10 or 610 showing the cars all bumper to bumper. Then show a guy in wheelchair moving faster all the cars stuck in the gridlock."

Malone laughed appreciatively at the Attorney General's joke and said, "Would you mind repeating another humorous story?"

Abbott complied by saying, "As you know we've had people pouring across the Texas border. The fastest-growing demographic of people comine across the borders into Texas is a group called Californians. Texas is so much a better place for people to live with the low cost to business and more jobs."

Malone complimented Abbott on his sense of humor once again.

The interviewer then asked, "What will you do on Day One as governor of Texas?"

"I'll put my hand on the Bible and swear to follow the constitution. You know the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently told a group they didn't need to enforce the Constitution."

Abbott expressed his disapproval of Holder's comment, saying, "This country is based on following the rules of law."

The fact Abbott could be so calm and self-composed only hours before primary election day results were announced shows he has the personality to be a great governor. While he gave this interview from Austin, he later traveled to San Antonio to hear the vote count at the Aldaco Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio, where he and his wife Cecilia were married 32 years ago.

His assurances to Malone and voters that he will be able to continue doing the great work he's been doing as Attorney General when he is elevated to Governor is reassuring. He will continue fighting to keep Texas as the state of faith, family and freedom.

The next few months he will enter the final phase of the governor's campaign in which he will battle Democratic nominee Wendy Davis for the top job in Texas. Davis zoomed to national recognition when she filibustered against an anti-abortion bill. That bill outlaws abortions after 20 months. Abbott supported the bill limiting abortions.

That is only one of many issues on which Abbott and Davis disagree. Davis is attempting to turn Texas "blue" with the help of "Battleground Texas." With the help of millions of dollars pouring in from out of state she will continue to have a well-funded campaign until election day Nov. 4.

Voters who voted in the March 4 primary election need to remember to return to the voting booths one more time on Nov. 4 when the governor's race will be decided.

Abbott will become the first native Wichitan elected governor if he prevails.

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