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Greg Abbott leads Wendy Davis in governor race polls

Greg Abbott.....shown visiting with supporter during  visit to hometown Wichita Falls, Texas.
Greg Abbott.....shown visiting with supporter during visit to hometown Wichita Falls, Texas.
Bonnie Lane

The most recent poll indicates Wichita Falls native and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott continues to lead in the race for governor, according to an article in the Huffington Post. Abbott, who is the top law enforcement officer in the Lone Star State, would become the first native of Wichita Falls to call the governor's mansion his residence.

This most recent poll emanated from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling. That poll showed Abbott leading Davis 51 percent to 37 percent. This survey included only registered voters.

The frustrating news for Davis is there is so far no sign of a surge on her part which would indicate she is closing the gap on her Republican opponent. While there have been four polls conducted since January, three of those polls have given Abbott a double-digit lead.

One poll has shown his edge to be as low as 6 percentage points, but that one was taken in the past.

PPP surveyed 559 voters April 10-13, employing automated phone calls and an Internet panel to reach people without landlines.

The Fort Worth Democratic senator's favorability rating showed 33 percent of voters viewing her favorably and 47 percent unfavorably. Since the last PPP poll in November, Abbott's favorable rating has risen by 5 while Davis' numbers have declined by 3 points.

Davis supporters are probably surprised that more women view Davis unfavorably than favorably. This result comes in the face of Davis making equal pay for women a major issue in her campaign to become the first female Texas Governor since Anne Richards.

Female voters actually favored Abbott by 8 points as against Davis.

Davis was propelled into the national limelight last June in the Texas Senate when she conducted her 11-hour filibuster to support abortion rights. That is an issue which is sometimes characterized as a "woman's right to choose" and Davis supporters may have calculated that as another issue which would help them garner support among women voters.

In contrast, Abbott supported the new law which prohibits abortions from being performed after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

With the election only a few months away in November, it appears the top law enforcement officer from Wichita Falls is in strong position to become the state's next governor.

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