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Greg Abbott: Ignites overflow crowd in Wichita Falls today

Reno Gustafson (left) with Greg Abbott.....Texas attorney general in Wichita Falls running for governor.
Reno Gustafson (left) with Greg Abbott.....Texas attorney general in Wichita Falls running for governor.
Bonnie Lane

Texas Attorney General and Wichita Falls native Greg Abbott ignited an overflow crowd in Wichita Falls, Texas, today, Feb. 18 by emphasizing his concern for Texas children getting the best education possible, his defense of gun rights and religious rights of individuals. Rock star Ted Nugent provided a rousing introduction of the gubernatorial candidate to loud applause.

Lines extended out the door of the Eighth Street Coffeeshop and wound around the corner down Indiana Street as people waited to see Abbott, who was born in Wichita Falls. Fire marshall rules limited the number of people allowed inside the building, according to several observers.

"Ted Nugent and I have been fighting for your Second Amendment rights. As Attorney General I have been involved in two cases that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court fighting for your Constitutional rights to bear arms. We won both times guaranteeing your second amendment rights. Ted Nugent and I were both on a national television program when we were in Katy, Texas, in western Harris County, close to Houston. Are you familiar with the Piers Morgan show?"

Several people said yes.

Abbott joked, "Then I would ask you, why are you watching that show?"

The crowd responded with applause and enthusiastic cheers.

"I told Piers Morgan Americans stopped debating the British about our bearing arms back in 1776 and we're not starting over now!"

The crowd responded enthusiastically by clapping their hands and cheering.

He also addressed the voter identification issue.

"I've sued Eric Holder himself. Eric Holder is trying to prevent Texas from enforcing our border identification laws. We have that law to prevent cheating in the voting booth. We've had dead people voting. Live people voting twice. Foreign nationals voting illegally. I'll tell you what. I will take this issue to the Supreme Court."

He recalled as "a child I attended First Christian Church of Wichita Falls. My grandfather was a preacher in Electra. I have relied on God. An atheist walked across the capitol grounds and said we should take the Ten Commandments momument down. I argued that case in the Supreme Court and won. That monument of the Ten Commandments is still standing in Austin!"

The crowd cheered loudly once again.

'"I will keep the state number one in the nation in job creation. Texas has been ranked the top exporting state. Texas has been rated the top state for creating jobs. Out of the top 10 cities in the nation seven of those cities are in Texas As your governor I will keep Texas exceptional!"

"Our priorities in Texas are wrong when we stop a valedictorian from praying during his speech, but we don't stop the drug cartels smuggling drugs into the state."

He also committed to improving the educational system. He siad, "That means stop forcing teachers to teach for standardized tests. It means I will drive a stake through the heart of CSCOPE! I will never allow Common Core into this state!"

"Texas is ranked number one for job creation. We are number one for energey. I believe it is time Texas is rated number one in education!"

"Not longer after I left Wichita Falls I was in Houston jogging when a huge tree fell on me, paralyzing me. There were two things helped me piece my life my back togher. One, is God. Two was that wife. We had been married only two years when I had the accident. The doctors literally glued the pieces of my back back together. They put steel rods in my back. Many politicians will claim they have a spine of steel. I really do have that!"

"People are coming to Texas like never before from California. One businessman told me taxes are too high in California. Impossible to do business there anymore. Now that they've been in Texas two years he realizes the myths of Texas are true. Texans have a freedom that Californians and people of other states simply cannot comprehend. I will pledge to keept Texas free as governor!"

This statement was received with loud applauces and cheers.

"We need to keep Texas as red a state as this shirt here," he said referring to red shirt a person in the audience was wearing.

"Do not wait until tomorrow to vote. Send a message to Barack Obama and his operatives who are working to turn Texas into a blue state for Wendy Davis and vote today. You can early vote today at the courthouse only a few blocks from here."

If elected Abbott will be the first native of Wichita Falls to live in the governor's mansion. James V. Allred, was a resident of the city when elected, but he was born in Bowie, 45 miles southeast of this city.

As the top law enforcement officer in the state he has vigorously defended children by orchestrating the prosecution of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs and several of his lieutenants for sexually assaulting underage girls. He has also argued successfully in front of the U.S. Supreme court defending religious and Second Amendment liberties. Abbott is a strong advocate for thr right to life movement and believes in the protection of the unborn babies.

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