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Greg Abbott: Dispatches help to Galveston oil spill site

Reno Gustafson (left) with Greg Abbott.....Texas attorney general in Wichita Falls running for governor.
Reno Gustafson (left) with Greg Abbott.....Texas attorney general in Wichita Falls running for governor.
Bonnie Lane

Texas Attorney General and governor candidate Greg Abbott dispatched help from his Environmental Protection Division to the Galveston Bay oil spill site recently, according to the Texas Attorney General's Office yesterday, Tuesday, March 25.. Abbott is seeking to become the first Wichita Falls native in history to reside in the governor's mansion in Austin.

Current Texas Governor Rick Perry made it possible for Abbott to become the next governor when he announced he will not be running....for governor. It appears more and more likely, though, that he will be running for president. Perry appeared last night on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox before a national television audience and sounded very presidential.

The state's top law enforcement official said, "Galveston Bay, Galveston Island and the surrounding coast area are Texas treasures. The damage inflicted by this spill is a blow to small businesses, fishing, recreation, and the overall economy...but its ripple effects will be felt much wider. While emergency workers race to get the spill contained and cleaned, the attorney general's office will assist with the coordinated state response and has opened a civil investigation into this disaster."

Abbott further said, "The Office of the Attorney General is on the ground to help determine the loss to local businesses as a result of the spill the appropriate time....will do all we can to recoup losses to local businesses."

His office issued a statement that further said, "Galveston has a long history of showing great resilience in the face of great disaster. As a state, we will do all we can to bolster that strength. As Texans, we know what it means to come to the aid of a neighbor. We all must work together to make sure we are protecting the vital resources and businesses that provide the backbone of our strong economic engine."

Approximatellly 4,000 barrels of il were leaked onto Galveston Bay when a barge and a ship collided this week, according to the New York Times. Approximately 100 ships were prevented from leaving the port as a result of the oil spill.

The cruise ship of Patsy Lincoln of Wichita Falls was one of those ships restricted from leaving temporarily.

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