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Greg Abbott could save Boy Scout camp from BLM land grab

Greg Abbott with his family after winning Republican Primary for Governor of Texas March 4
Greg Abbott with his family after winning Republican Primary for Governor of Texas March 4
Bonnie Lane

Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott's opposition to the federal land grab of about 90,000 acres along the Red River may protect Camp Perkins, according to Channel 3 News, the Wichita Falls NBC affiliate Friday, April 25. Abbott, a Wichita Falls native, is the top law enforcement officer in the Lone Star Sate.

Polls show Abbott leads Democratic opponent Wendy Davis in the race for governor.

While landowners have been portrayed by the national news media as the victims of the announced incursion by the Bureau of Land Management, the Boy Scouts went on the local news last night to say their camp is also threatened. The Northwest Council Boy Scouts own Camp Perkins.

The Boy Scout camp does appear vulnerable as it is perched atop 400 acres along the Red River. Council president Wayne Mansur said the land is used by children and adults who want to learn about scouting and what "nature has to offer."

The Boy Scout official said that it scared him to realize the government was considering seizing historic Camp Perkins. Another Boy Scout official recounted that his scouting career started there in 1962.

Sources report that organizations such as CASA and Camp Fire would also be damaged by the feds' invasion as they also use the facilities of the camp which is only a few miles outside Wichita Falls but within the feds' target zone.

Maybe it's only appropriate that a Wichita Falls native is possibly all that stands between this camp and its destruction.

Abbott has responded to BLM's announced intent to seize the Texas land with defiance say, "Come and take it."

He announced on the Sean Hannity Show April 24 that his quote was a reference to an incident during the Texas war against Mexico. Abbott said, "Texas was an independent nation then. The Mexican army tried to take a cannon in Gonzalez, Texas. The Texans raised a flag with a picture of a cannon on it and an inscription which read, 'Come and take it."'

Abbott further explained on Hannity's show that the Texans were in essence taunting the Mexicans to grab "what we believed was our property."

The governor candidate said that down throughout Texas history the slogan "come and take it" has come to mean "we'll defend our property."

Hannity asked Abbott what he could do if the feds persisted in their plan to seize the land to which many Texans have deeds.

Abbott smiled and said, "We will go to court as we have in the past."

Abbott has won several cases in the past before the United States Supreme Court defending religious rights and gun rights of individual Texans. The Ten Commandments momument still stands on the grounds of the Texas capitol because of one such lawsuit.

It looks like Greg Abbott will have to save the Boy Scouts from a government on steroids.

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