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Greg Abbott: CLEAT endorses Wichita Falls native for governor

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The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) yesterday (Thursday, Feb. 6) endorsed Wichita Falls native Greg Abbott for governor, according to Greg Abbott's office. Abbott, who currently serves as the 50th Attorney General in the history of the Lone Star State, is heading toward the March Rebublican primary, with momentum after receiving several key law enforcement endorsements.

"Texas law enforcement officers know they can trust Greg Abbott to make fighting crime and winning the peace a major part of his gubernatorial priorities," said Sgt. Todd Harrison, President of CLEAT. "Because of his longstanding commitment to Texas law enforcement and his public stance on issues that will impacet the rank and file officers of the state, the Combined Law Enforcement Associations is proud to endorse his candidacy."

Other law enforcement agencies previously endorcing Abbott to become the first Wichita Falls native to live in the governor's mansion in Austin include the Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPOSA) and the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA).

For his part, Abbot said, "I'm proud to have worked with CLEAT and other law enforcement organizations as Attorney General to crack down on domestic violence, human trafficking, money laundering, border crime, and a long list of other crimes. My recently announced 'Securing Texans' policy plan aims to keep our families, our communities and our border safe by providing law enforcement with the resources they need to protect Texans and prevent the import of crime to our state. Texas law enforcement and I share the common goal of protecting the people of Texas, and I will continue to work closely with organizations like CLEAT to fulfill that objective."

Many Wichita Falls police officers have been represented by CLEAT in hearings down through the years. Also, officers all across the state of Texas have availed themselves of the services of CLEAT which is a highly respected organization which includes more than 18,000 members across the state.

James V. Allred was a resident of Wichita Falls when he was elected governor in the 1930s, but he was not a native. The Allred Prison Unit near Wichita Falls bears his name.

Abbott made a campaign stop at his boyhood home in Wichita Falls during the first week after he announced his candidacy for governor.

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