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Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis announce fundraising totals

AG Greg Abbott......Texas top law enforcement official campaigns in Austin for governor.  He is Wichita Falls native.
AG Greg Abbott......Texas top law enforcement official campaigns in Austin for governor. He is Wichita Falls native.
Bonnie Lane

Wichita Falls, Tex. native and Attorney General Greg Abbott announced yesterday (Tuesday, Jan. 14) that he has raised $11.5 million in the second half of 2013 in his drive to become governor of Texas, according to the Dallas Morning News. The top law enforcement officer in Texas said he now has $27 million on hand for his pursuit of the Republican nomination this spring.

He also said he has raised $16.3 million for the year of 2013.

Wendy Davis, the leading Democratic candidate for governor announced Tuesday she has raised $12 million. She is favored to win the Democratic primary while Abbott is favored to win the GOP primary. They would then face off in November's general election.

Abbott has made his name as Texas 50th Attorney General by collecting record numbers of child support payments, prosecuting FLDS polygamists for sexually assaulting underage girls, defending religious liberties of Texans in front of the U.S. Supreme and defending the rights of individuals in front of the Supreme Court to own firearms in addition to many other accomplishments.

Davis vaulted into the national spotlight with her filibuster in the Texas Legislature last summer against a bill which would limit abortions to only the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. While her filibuster was temporarily successful in stopping passage of the bill, Governor Rick Perry then called a special session for the purpose of passing the bill.

The abortion limiting bill was passed in the next special session.

Perry created this race by announcing he would not seek re-election. Rumors are he will seek the presidency.

This race between Abbott and Davis will prove a million dollars isn't what it used to be.

Davis entered the race in October and received $3.5 million from the Texas Victory Committee, a joint effort by Davis campaign and the group Battleground Texas. Battleground is an organization started by former campaign aides to President Barack Obama. Its goal is to register more Democratic voters and help the party compete in future presidential elections.

Abbott's aides emphasized that 97 per cent of his campaign contributions have come from inside the Lone Star State.

Abbott's campaign manager Wayne Hamilton reported in a written statement also released yesterday that, "This is a campaign by Texans for Texans and Greg Abbott is humbled and excited by the widespread support from across the state."

Abbott visited his hometown of Wichita Falls earlier in the campaign and was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd at his boyhood home on Randel Drive in this city of 105,000 which is a stone's throw from the Red River.

Davis currently serves as state senator representing Fort Worth. Her pro-abortion stance in the legislature led to national attention and appearances on CNN, MSNBC, NBC and other national outlets.

Democratic donors recently met at the home of prominent trial attorney Lisa Blue Baron for a Davis fundraiser. The goal of the Davis campaign is to raise $45 million to fight Abbott in the fall election.

Abbott would become the first Wichita Falls native elected governor if he wins. James V. Allred was a resident of Wichita Falls when he was elected in the 1930s, but he was born in Bowie, Tex.

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