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Greenz Salad Restaurant Review

As summer approaches everyone seems to be craving the delicious taste of fresh and healthy foods.  If you are looking for a great place to enjoy the weather and a healthy meal then Greenz is the place for you! Although they are known for their salads dont be fooled into thinking this is some boring spot!  Their menu includes fresh soups, sandwiches, specialty salads, appetizers and even homemade desserts.  With a focus on health without compromising taste, Greenz offers a wide range of Gluten Free options. 

Greenz even offers handy little sheets right when you walk in the door with all of their menu items that are Gluten Free.  The follow soups are Gluten Free: asparagus; pesto; turkey chili; mango melon; also, pear & pumpkin.  As for salads, Greenz recommends the Bar None, BBQ Texas Slaw, Classic, Chipotle Chicken, Chicken Riviera, Grilled Southwest Shrimp, Hawaiian Tuna, The Mediterranean, Grilled Texas Peach, The Wedge, Tofu & Veggies and last but not least, the Warm Pear & Goat Cheese salad.  Unfortunately, the only starter that is Gluten Free is the fresh fruit and although they have a wide variety of fresh sandwiches, none of them are offered sans gluten or in a roll-up suitable for the gluten free diet. 

There are so many options at Greenz and thus far we have not been disappointed.  The Mediterranean is fantastic, especially if you enjoy feta cheese and a traditional Greek flavor combination.  The Hawaiian is an interesting mix of sweet and sour with the pineapple and chunks of Ahi. 

With three convenient locations in the Dallas area, Greenz restaurant makes a fantastic spot to grab a quick Gluten Free bite.  This fusion salad restaurant is gaining popularity each day and is getting rave reviews from newspapers, local magazines and of course, the Dallas Gluten Free Examiner!


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