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Greenville shelter celebrates World Spay Day by offering $5 male cat neuters

February is $5 male neuter month at GCACS
Facebook: Greenville County Animal Care Services

Greenville County Animal Care Services(GCACS) is celebrating World Spay Day with $5 male cat neuters during the month of February.

Susan Bufano summed it up nicely in a press release on February 6 stating

"We are counting on our community to make appointments to bring in their male cats for this life saving procedure at an amazingly low price."

More than 10,000 homeless cats are brought into the GCACS each year, especially during the summer months when many litters are born. To spay and neuter the cats in our community before the onset of warm weather will create the biggest impact for the reduction of unwanted cats that wander our neighborhoods.

World Spay Day is an international effort in partnership with Speak for Animals that is helping provide an affordable solution to cut down on the number of cat pregnancies.

The operation for male cats is simple, and takes only minutes to perform. Recovery time is fast. Not only do you have a cat no longer able to impregnate the female, you also cut down on the urges to spray and to stray.

GCACS is counting on the community to do the responsible thing for cats, both owned and in feral colonies. Cat lovers are encouraged to call the shelter for a neutering appointment. You can schedule your cat by calling (864)467-SPAY.

Those who manage feral colonies can bring their trapped cats in from 8am-noon on Monday-Thursday, and they will be fitted in for surgery that day.

Why not make 2014 a pro-active year, where cat owners step up and take responsibility for their felines, instead of counting on the shelter to clean up the mess caused by unaltered cats in the Greenville community.

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