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Greenville shelter cats recovering from URI's need immediate rescue or adoption

Greenville County Animal Care Services released a list of cats needing out of the shelter no later than April 5 at 5 p.m., their Facebook page reported April 3.

Genassi is one of many who need rescue by April 5

The shelter, which is considered high-kill, is condensing their sick hold and making a recovery area for cats who are recovering from upper respiratory infections.

Unfortunate, at this time they have more cats than they have room to put them. Because of this, the following 14 cats need to leave the shelter no later than Saturday.

The pull fee has been waived on these cats. They all are in need of a rescue or adoption to get them out. Many of these cats have pledges to reputable rescues.

Please take a look at the list below, and contact the shelter at if you can save one of these precious babies. Be sure to put the cats name and identification number in the subject line of the email. Here's the information you need to save a life.

Laura #22290123 (ready to go)
Grayson #22313536
Roland #22256010 (ready to go)
Polly #22311673
Genassi #22326257
Oreo #15647967 (ready to go)
Amy #22290100
Twister #22296458 (ready to go)
Malcolm #22272252 (ready to go)
Felicia #22229809--needs enucleation!!
Mr. Magoo #22271704 (ready)

GCACS works very hard at saving the unwanted dogs and cats in the Greenville area. Please share this article with the hope these cats are rescued before the deadline.

I've personally rescued many sick cats from this shelter. Upper respiratory infections respond well to antibiotics, especially once the cat is in a home environment. Stress isn't good for a sick kitty.

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